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charles_daly_fix 02-21-2013 11:42 PM

Charles Daly Pump Shotgun Misfires
Hi Folks: If anybody alse out there has one of these guns that periodically misfires, with light primer strikes...I have discovered how to fix it. If anyone else has this problem then post in the forum.

My son won one of these guns at an NWTF fundraiser. Even brand-new out of the box it would sometimes fire and sometimes it would not. The primer was dented but not enough.

The gun sat in cabinent for a couple of years totally unuasable to us. When my son turned 11 years old he became interested in selling it....but you know how hard it is to sell a "broken" gun. So, I started investigating and discovered a flaw in the design inside of the trigger housing.

I'm offering to repair yours for a reasonable fee. You pay to ship me the trigger housing, I fix it and pay to ship it back to you. You test it out and after you discover it is fixed then you send me $30. It's easy.

Note...I can only fix it if you re having the identical problem and if you have not modified the firearm already.

Renegade44 02-21-2013 11:46 PM

Troll. Delete him

deadsp0t 02-21-2013 11:48 PM


charles_daly_fix 02-24-2013 12:19 PM

What's a troll?

How is this a scam?

What's up? Are you a professional gun smith that doesn't like it that someone has discovered how to fix this problem? There are threads all over the internet where people had taken this model of gun to professional gun smiths who could not fix it. We even paid a gun smith twice to fix ours and they never could.

I can fix this problem on the Charles Daly Pumps. People can either have a worthless/dangerous gun that cannot be depended on or they can get my easy fix. It's guaranteed. How is a Guarantee a scam? lol

mountainman13 02-24-2013 12:37 PM

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Are you a licensed gunsmith? Do you have an ffl? If not, what you are suggesting is illegal. Nobody is going to ship parts of their gun to someone who has posted twice to the forum without so much as an introduction. Become a supporting member and stick around a while and you may gain some trust. Until then this is to be considered....

akers06 02-24-2013 02:32 PM

Sounds fishy to me to....why would you go through so much trouble of shipping and everything else for just $30 hmmmm

Blueguns 02-24-2013 07:45 PM

While you may mean well, you will be committing a felony if anyone follows through on your offer. You ARE NOT a licensed gunsmith, therefore you CANNOT fix firearms in exchange for money.

If you are a guy that wants to help other people with a similar issue that you have had, write a technical article like the ones you see on the homepage, teaching others how to fix that problem.

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