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Brue182 10-03-2012 05:01 AM

Can you help me identify this shotgun?
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A friend of mine gave me an old shotgun who she said was passed down from her fathers father or maybe even later? From what I can gather since its petty well worn it is an Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works made in Fitchburg Massachusetts. The only serial # I can find was under the trigger guard and was 28729. Looks to be a single shot 12 gauge.

Brue182 10-03-2012 05:01 AM

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Another pic of the whole gun. Sorry the lighting sucks.

bearrwe 10-03-2012 05:16 AM

Found this info on a sales page I know its a Ring Trigger semi hammerless so ran that and got this:
IVER JOHNSON EJECTOR SEMI-HAMMERLESS ( Ring Trigger)---------------------------------------------1897-1899 Semi-hammerless (hammer does not have a spur) single barrel; ring trigger break open mechanism (ring in front of trigger opens action); 12 gauge only; 28, 30 or 32 inch plain twist steel barrel choked; rebounding hammer; automatic ejector; American Black Walnut butt stock and fore-end; cased hardened frame and browned barrel; Weight7 pounds; overall length with 28 inch barrel 43 inches. Removable hinge pin of screw in type. VALUE: 100%=$325 60%=$155

IVER JOHNSON EJECTOR SEMI-HAMMERLESS IMPROVED MODEL 1900 (Ring Trigger)---------------------1900-1908 Semi-hammerless break open single barrel shotgun; ring in front of trigger opens action; 12 and 16 gagues; 28,30,32 and 34 inch barrels; barrel now manufactured in U.S.A.; rebounding hammer; automatic ejector; improved barrel take down; American Black Walnut butt stock and fore-end; casehardened frame and browned barrel; Weightwith 30 inch barrel 6 pounds; Overalllength with 30inch barrel 45inches. VALUE: 100%=$300 60%=$135

IVER JOHNSON EJECTOR SEMI-HAMMERLESS JUNIOR MODEL (Ring Trigger)---------------------------------1901-1908 Single barrel semi-hammerless break open shotgun (ring in front of trigger opens barrel); rebounding hammer; single locking bolt; shorten butt stock; American Black walnut butt stock and fore-end; hard rubber butt plate; 12 and 16 gauge; 26and 28inch barrels;casehardenedreceiver and browned barrel; weight with 26 inch barrel5 lbs., 28 inch barrel 6 pounds; overall length about 40 inches. VALUE: RARE 100%=$300 60%=$135

the removable hinge pin you describe indicates this shotgun is fo the early type 1897-1899. this shotgun should be treated as a black powder only gun.

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