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Ruger22lr 08-07-2013 03:07 AM

Burr in Mossberg 500?
So I was out shooting yesterday with my Mossberg 500, and when I went to reload it, it wouldn't take a shell into the magazine. That little piece of metal you push the shell into wouldn't move at all. So I took it to a friends house and he said that there is a burr in it? Is it a burr or not?

Rick1967 08-07-2013 03:21 AM

Pretty hard to say without seeing it. Can you post a pic with it pushed in and then back out?

Anna_Purna 08-07-2013 03:21 AM

Do you know how to field strip it to get a better look?

Ruger22lr 08-07-2013 03:28 AM

No I don't know how to field strip it. But I was trying to push the shell into the tube and it wouldn't budge at all. I took it over to his house and he took a rubber mallet, and a metal rod then hit down on the piece that allows shells to be fed out of the magazine and into the tube. I looked at it and I didn't see anything wrong. It's that really small piece of metal on the bottom of the receiver, it pushes in and out.

Rick1967 08-07-2013 03:56 AM

The 500 has a screw in the end of the tube where you put the shells in. It is knurled to make it easy to grab. Just loosen it with your fingers. That will make the barrel removeable. Just slide it out. Now you can remove the hand guard by unscrewing the nut in the end of the forearm itself. onve you get the forearm off. You simply unscrew the tube from the receiver. Everything will come apart from there. Check all the parts. Look for rust on the inside of the tube.

ninjatoth 08-07-2013 04:11 AM

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It could be a burr or any other obstruction under the cartridge stop, either way hitting it is not a good idea, that piece comes out so easy anyways, and you don't want to bend it by hitting it. It is also possible that you are talking about the cartridge interceptor, in which case you might have an entirely different problem. I'm gonna send a pic of the bottom of a Moss 500 receiver showing the cartridge stop on the right and the interceptor on the left, let us know which part was giving you trouble and someone can help you better.

Anna_Purna 08-07-2013 04:21 AM

Try this for starters, then read your manual???? ;)

You will have to clean it someday. :D

Ruger22lr 08-07-2013 06:37 AM

I meant hit as in tap it. He tapped it on the little piece of metal that's on the right side of the pic and it worked where the shell says 12 ga. I guess it was just stuck. What he said is if I hit it, it can cause a burr.

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