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kcolg 10-04-2009 01:45 AM

Bulletproof glass
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You guys might find this interesting...I live in South America,I drive a Cherokee XJ,that is armored(as in "bulletproof) ,you can't help to wonder what would happen at the" moment of truth"...well, unfortunately I found out as I got shot at my windshield...fortunately,it worked ,bullet didn't get through...couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was to have that truck...

dunerunner 10-04-2009 02:59 AM

You are one lucky son of a gun!! Where do you live in South America and what do you believe gave someone a reason to take a shot at you?

kcolg 10-04-2009 03:36 AM

It was very strange,I couldn't understand what was happening at first.
I live in Argentina,here's the deal : There is short part of the highway that runs above "the wrong part of town"..the kind of place wich I can't think of an equivalent in the States,where even cops don't like going to...there is a toll right before entering this little part ,that leads you into downtown Buenos Aires,so right after the toll booths I kept driving in the right lane,at low speed since I just passed the toll booths,(I was told later that I should avoid the right lane,because this "villa" as we call them here is below on the right side),this wasn't personal at all,cops told me that they do that so you stop and then they rob you,that is the most likely theory.
I didn't stop and kept driving,if I had a normal windshield it would probablly ve'been shaterred not allowing you to keep doing so .
So here I was driving slowly,nobody in sight no car in front of me,and I hear this loud noise and instantly the spot on the windshield,my rearview mirror dettached at the same time from the impact...I couldn't understand the situation ,my first reaction was to look up thinking somebody throwed something at me from a bridge,but there are no bridges,I kept driving and about 20 seconds later I started to realized that I was probably shot at,since I'm concious of how strong the windshield is (it's called here level RB3,it's supposed to resist handguns uo to 44 magnum)this glasses are 1 inch thick...I understood that this was a very big impact to damage the glass that way...strange ,but as the guy from the armoring company asked me the day after,(i have to replace the windshield obviously),if i got scared,and how people that got shot even with armored cars,usually started trembling...I told him that I didn't get scared at all,that all I kept thinking was how lucky I was to have that car...

jeepcreep927 10-04-2009 12:21 PM

Holy jeezuz. I just have to ask... what made you decide to get a bullet resitant windshield in the first place? Not that it matters as obviously you need one.
Glad it worked.

cpttango30 10-04-2009 12:59 PM

I would be driving a dam tank that way when that douche bag takes a shot again I cna shoot back and I am sorry 155mm wins hands down.

IGETEVEN 10-04-2009 02:18 PM

Well, looking at that shot placement on that windshield, I would say someone had you locked in dead on site. That was not a random placed shot. :eek: I would suggest avoidance of that part of town, if all possible, them windshields tend to get expensive after a while.


Dillinger 10-04-2009 03:35 PM

God damn! You are pretty lucky. Like Jack said, that was a pretty good shot for it not to be planned out.

I would think about an alternative route planning would be high on your to do list today. See if you can alternate your goings and comings if at all possible. Try to avoid being predictable. Time of day, route of travel, frequency of trips - all things to consider.

Good luck and glad you were well prepared.


kcolg 10-04-2009 06:12 PM

I agree with you guys on how lucky I was...
I'll try to give all the answers here: Argentina used to be and still is not as bad security wise as some other latin countries,but unfortunately it got worse in the last years and if you take a poll here on what people thinks it's the issue goverment should take care of,I think insecurity probably would be at the top of the list.
Crime rised and it got more violent,and it's happening in places and at hours that used to be safe,there is this sense that criminals nowdays have nothing to loose and probably even the fact that certain drugs similar to crack became more "popular" has something to do with it.
On why a have the armored car: About 2 years ago i was looking for a Cherokee XJ ,cause I always liked that truck,even though it's not "the latest thing" ,I always liked it,so when I stared looking for one,runned in to this one,it was more expensive than other equal models,I wondered why and the answer is that it was armored,but the price wasn't that much higher considering that armoring a car costs around 20K here, I think in this case the overprice was around 5K, so I started thinking that,considering the growing crime situation ,that maybe it could be the best buy I could ever make,and that maybe someday it coud save me or my wife,from being shot at a stop light by some crackhead that wants to steal your wallet and your cell phone...
Last year I even saw during rush hour in plain daylight ,cars stopped by traffic in a "safe" part of town(I wasn't driving the armored truck that day),how a BG pulled out a pistol to a driver 2 cars ahead of me,seeing that instantly triggers some kind of alert on you,I guess the famous"condition red",as I quickly went for my briefcase where I had a gun I guess almost by instinct.
Fortunately by the time I got the gun ,the BG runned away and dissapeared in to a side street: Nobody was hurt,the driver was scared but ok.
Even though the truck has some downsides,(it's heavier,rear windows don't roll down,etc), it turned out to be great: it gives you a sense of security that is priceless,specially driving at night or going through certain areas.
On the shooting, I meant that it wasn't personal in the sense that if it wasn't me it was going to be the next guy or something, that day I just probablly was a good target since I there was no car ahead of me,and I was driving slowly in that lane,if it wasn't me it was probablly going to be some other poor guy or worse,some gal,in a sense I feel that it was good that it was me and not somebody else with a normal car,the outcome could have been worse for them,for me it's only a windshield to replace after all.
Ironically I called a friend of mine who always used to tell me how buying this armored truck was the "best buy" I ever made,he even had her daughter robbed in a stop light by a guy that broke her side window while she was in the car,the kind of thing that unfortunately happens more and more here.
He told me that the same day of my incident,they went through the same place and that his wife told him not to stay in the right lane after the toll,like I did,obviously not knowing that it was dangerous...
Of course ,I will avoid that part of the road from now on...and as I was called here I'm one "lucky son of a gun"...

ninjatoth 10-05-2009 01:09 PM

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I was given a piece of glass that is about 1 inch thick,and was told it was bulletproof.I wasn't sure I believed it since the guy just gave it to me.So,I shot at it countless times with a high powered pellet gun,did nothing,so then I shot a few dozen times at it with a .22,and still nothing,maybe a lead streak or small chip,so then I pulled out the .357 at shot at it several times,and it looked alot like your pics,only less damage than yours.It cracked it about 3 inches wide and left about a 1/4 inch indent chip,but that's about it.

kcolg 10-05-2009 04:43 PM

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Nice pic, as I've been told and you confirm by your test It was a strong impact to damage this windshield this way...check out the thickness of my side windows for instance,you can tell this is no sissy glass...

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