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coyotehunter 02-14-2010 11:37 PM

brass discs
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Hello to all I am new here. I am an avid hunter gun and treasure. I have a question that ties them both together. I found some brass discs on the bottom of a lake many of them were together in one small area At first I thought they were coin blanks because I found a token with a hole in it in the same spot the same size. also a pistol or small rifle hard to say very coroded. Anyway I spoted the same small brass discs in a display case at the cabale's in Wisconsin on Hwy 45. They were next to some old loading equipment and and old shot gun shell. I asked the people behind the counter what they were but no one could tell me what they were. I was woundering what the heck are these things? A brass disc shotgun load? Boy talk about a scatter gun! They are just about the same size as a dime.
I found them near the pistol So my story I made up on the way home is: A robber was holding up the resort I was diving in front of and he tryed to make a water getaway and the owner came out with a shotgun and a brass disc load and blew him out of the boat hence the gun and disc close together on the bottom of the lake! LOL

Virginian 02-15-2010 12:24 AM

Could be brass shotgun shells or rifle/pistol cartridges that have not yet been drawn. Or anything brass that was going to be later struck. Almost surely not shotgun shell projectiles. Really, really bad aerodynamics.

Gabob 02-15-2010 12:47 AM

Are they blank with no markings on them?

coyotehunter 02-15-2010 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by Gabob (Post 230522)
Are they blank with no markings on them?

yup blank with no markings the thing in the center of the photo is a token same size but with hole. I think I saw a western that a cowboy shot a guy with dimes and said I gave him my $ 2 worth or how ever many dime's he put in the shotgun. Someone sugested they might be a trick shooter load as they shot in towns and did not want the projectiles to carey So I would think a load of these would stop pretty fast but the patern has got to be realy bad!
But if they did come out of a shotgun I bet it sounds cool vveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr
LOL The key here is they had the same thing in the case at cabele's.

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