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DSan 09-29-2008 08:54 AM

Best Shotgun & Loadout For Home Defense?
Recently I've been literally forced by our economic down-slide to relocate to cheaper area of town (Las Vegas, Nevada [Ghetto]) and have recently noticed a sharp spike in the local gang activities around my area. For example, a neighbor three doors down was recently forced at gun-point into her home and was subsequently robbed and raped at gun-point.

Now I am not living alone. My girlfriend is currently living with me and I am concerned about her (our) protection. That being said, I feel it is time I embrace our Second Amendment and purchased a shotgun for home-defense purposes. However I am on the fence about which *boom-stick* I should buy. Let me be clear: If someone enters my home uninvited, I want to put the said scum-bag down as quickly as possible.

So tonight, I've been browsing various gun-manufacturer websites and reading various reviews about the available shot-guns. I have narrowed my view to two shotguns, in particular.

So ... which one do you think would be easier to use in an Urban environment? Which one do you think would be easier for my girl to handle during a desperate moment? I am strongly interested in the opinions of those who own or have owned, use, or have used, one or both of these rifles.

While on the subject ... what would a good load-out be? I am thinking 00-Buckshot for the sheer stopping power. If it's a game of life or death, I am hardly concerned with the collateral damage. My own real concern would be over-penetration and killing my next-door-neighbor. So does anybody have any useful advice for me? Thanks so much, a hundred times over.
^^ Mossberg & Sons 500 J.I.C. (Just In Case) Cruiser Shotgun
^^ Remington Model 870 Shotgun

bkt 09-29-2008 09:16 AM

Both are excellent, inexpensive, reliable guns that can be configured similarly. I'm an 870 snob, so that's where I cast my vote. There's nothing wrong with a Mossy, though.

If this is for home defense only, you might consider a 20ga over a 12ga. The recoil is a little less and it might be better for your girlfriend to handle.

As for what loads to use, general consensus seems to be #2 to #4 buckshot. It should have the one-shot-stopping power you're looking for with minimal risk of over-penetration. 00 buck might be fine for your residence, or it might pose too much of a risk. Birdshot is generally not considered a good home defense load.

DSan 09-29-2008 09:20 AM


Originally Posted by bkt (Post 42851)
If this is for home defense only, you might consider a 20ga over a 12ga. The recoil is a little less and it might be better for your girlfriend to handle.

For the sake of argument, would you be willing to suggest a 20ga and provide a link if possible?

cpttango30 09-29-2008 10:33 AM

Both of the shotguns you are looking at come in a 20 ga version.

Dillinger 09-29-2008 01:38 PM

First off, Welcome to the site DSan.

I have some trigger time on the Remington 870, and while it's not my first choice for a shotgun, it's a very good, solid and reliable weapon. A lot of the 870's are used as platforms for police unit builds and for defense guns. It's easy to find parts for it and everyone can work on them because they are so common.

Here's the problem, if it's for home defense, it's a little big to wield effectively in tight spaces, like a hallway, in a standard configuration. I believe you can order from Remington and get the Knoxx adjustable stock system, and while it's not the best out there, it would help with the overall length, plus it's adjustable to length of pull for you or your woman.

There is nothing wrong with the Mossberg, they make some great weapons, but I would stay away from a pistol grip, no stock, configuration. That thing is going to jump something fierce when you touch it off, and if you don't know what you are doing, you could end up doing more harm than good.

You might take a look at their Persuader Line if you like the Mossberg stuff. Same basic model as the Remington, you get the 18" barrel and a synthetic stock to help manage recoil.

Now, as for a 12 or a 20. Your size, and that of your woman, should definitely come into play in your selection. A 12 guage is a big kicking round when touched off and you aren't ready for it. If either of you are smallish of frame, I would recommend the 20 as it's a bit more tame. If the recoil isn't an issue, the 12 guage would be fine, but if you had to hit someone with the 20, it's not like they are going to shrug it off. The 20 has plenty of stopping power as well.

All of that isn't going to do you any good however if you don't get out and practice with it. That is going to be your biggest asset because the thing isn't going to do all the work for you. The spread pattern of shot in the 20 to 30 feet between you and the bad guy isn't going to be wide, it's going to be about the size of your fist. So, you can definitely still miss the target quite easily if you don't know what the weapon can do.

As for a round - #2 or #4 Buck is always a good choice as stated above. I like the #2 personally.

Probably the best advice I could give you would be to get to a range with someone that has one of the weapons and try it for yourself.


Quasi 09-29-2008 01:55 PM

I am not nearly as knowledgeable as most here about firearms, which is why I usually restrict myself to the threads I (think) I know something about.

That being said, I have the Mossberg 500 JIC under my bed for home defense. I added a shoulder stock and a light and currently have it loaded with #6 birdshot. I am in a suburban neighborhood with fairly close neighbors and am concerned about penetration and stray shot. I don't have a lot of experience shooting it, but my understanding is that at the ranges expected in a home defense scenario that 12 gauge #6 should put someone down.

MAX100 09-30-2008 03:47 AM

DSan The picture you posted is not a 500 JIC shotgun. It is a 500 breacher cruiser shotgun. It is a nicer shotgun than the JIC. It has a heavy profile bbl and mag tube setup like the 18.5" BBL 590A1 and the 835. It is able to accept a tube ext. It is nice shotgun and cost around $340.


DSan 10-01-2008 02:49 AM

Thank you for pointing that out and for the replies. Further discussion is welcomed.

slowryde45 10-01-2008 07:24 PM

Either will do just fine. But as stated, you may want to consider going to a 20Ga, to ease the recoil. Another option would be to add an after-market stock like the following:

If you watch their videos, they show how even a 12Ga is easily handled by smaller shooters/women. It also offers the advantage of an adjustable stock, again to fit the smaller shooter. The pistol grip on this stock aids in control of the gun, while shooting/handling.

Note - the model for the Mossberg 500 will fit either the 12Ga or the 20Ga.

Keep an eye open in your area for sporting goods stores that carry the Mossberg line, as they do offer a variety of packages, some with pistol grips, some with the 18" barrel and a longer field barrel.

My .02.


glockfire 10-02-2008 06:26 AM

My 870:

Its a reliable platform and you will be able to kill whatever tries victimize you or her. Load her with 00 Buck (or #4 to be safe) and say bye bye to Johnny Home Intruder. The most important thing is to familiarize both you and your GF with your shotgun, and practice your butts off. Then and only then will you be able to defend your household properly.

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