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R-BOLT 01-11-2009 02:47 PM

Benelli dual sight beads ??
Anyone else here not care for dual sight beads, such as on the Benelli Super Black Eagle II ? I have been using one for a little over a year now on pheasant, quail, turkey, geese, dove, and a few ducks. I was having a hard time early on last year in late pheasant season dropping the birds at the same rate as with my old Rem. 1100. Looking thru the owners manual was of no help in what the sight pic was to look like with the front and rear bead. Rear bead cover the front bead? Stack front bead on rear bead making a 8. I could not get the same answer from several hunters. I was starting to doubt myself with regard to my wingshooting. Went and grabbed the 1100 out of the guncase to see what was so different between handling the 1100 and S.B.E.II. The one big thing that caught my eye was the dual sight beads vrs. the front single bead. I took the rear bead out (it is threaded) and percentages went up greatly for me using the front bead only. I have been shotgunning for game 35+ years and can not really say how I sight, just shoulder, swing, point, and shoot. Today I am comfortable with the S.B.E.II and feel it is a upgrade to what I had.Just wanting to know if I am the only one that has trouble with the dual beads? How are you to use them? Maybe if you are having trouble with a shotgun with misses - might just need to remove rear bead.

Virginian 01-15-2009 10:19 AM

On all the ones that I have had, when patterning them, I found that correct POI results came from putting the small middle bead centered on the front bead and then that on the target.
I don't know why, but in my case, on some guns the middle bead is a distraction, but on others it is not. On the ones where I was noticing it I just removed it and temporarily filled the hole with black sealant. Whatever trips your trigger.

R-BOLT 01-15-2009 02:20 PM

Thanks for your suggestion. I had a customer come in Wensday that is active in trap and sporting clays. He has been shotgunning for many years and travels to quite a few events to compete in. I always have a question for him and asked him about the dual beads. He uses them as he is fitting a new shotgun to work for him. Only uses the rear bead to check to see after custom fitting the gun to his self. As shoulders the gun, he checks the left to right alignment when the gun is comfortably in position. He shoots with out the rear bead in place.
I could see using both beads turkey hunting, but other than that, the rear bead just would not work for me wingshooting. I probably will not reinstall the rear bead for any application. I had no problem filling my spring turkey tags with the S.B.E.II. The 3 and a half inch loads were a hoot to shoot. I let both of my Toms turn and run (aiming for a head shot) before harvesting them. The breast meat was in great shape doing this. I don't quite recall, but very little if any pellet damage to the breast meat.

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