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AusLach 03-15-2011 04:48 AM

ATA Arms
Has anyone had any experience with ATA shotguns???

They've supposedly been imported from Turkey into the US by Weatherby since 2008 but are pretty new over here so I was just wondering if there was anyone with some knowledge on the quality of their U/O's..

I'm looking specifically at the 686SE model, which comes with 30" barrels, ejectors, 5 chokes, and cased for $1159. The 868S model pictured at the top is priced at $965. Do you think a $200 jump is worth the extended chokes and obvious step up in presentation? Believe it or not they're actually pretty cheap for down here :(:mad:

Thanks guys.

General_lee 03-15-2011 09:25 PM

Never heard of them, but I'll bump the thread for ya;)

AusLach 03-15-2011 11:07 PM

Thanks General... :p

I reckon it looks the goods anyway, I think as soon as I get the funds I'll grab one :cool:

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