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guncrazy74 12-16-2008 01:43 AM

Anyone know where you can get chokes for a legacy escort magnum youth 20Gauge?
I found this little 20 gauge for my son for christmas and didn't know anything about it and neither did the the guy at the store which shocked me because he usually knows it all. Before buying I did some research on it and read lots of great reviews on these firearms. They are made in Turkey by Hatsan and imported by Legacy. I only paid 250 for it so I thought I would take a chance but one problem. It only has a full choke with it and I would like to get some others. I called legacy and they confused the heck out of me by just saying huglu would work and cz youth chokes would work. (I was hoping they could just get the right ones) Huglu I am not finding much in my searches and cz usa has 20 gauge chokes but none specifically called youth. I've never had the money to own anything but brand name pumps all my life. Anybody out there who can help?

DMC 12-16-2008 04:31 AM

According to Briley, your Legacy takes a Huglu choke. Here's Briley's offerings:


guncrazy74 12-22-2008 07:20 AM

Thanks for the help. Boy is briley proud of thier chokes. Could only find some for 40 bucks a pop. But I called legacy again just to see if they would sell me some and the guy asked what I wanted and my address and just sent it to me for free! I have delt with some importers on handguns and was shocked. I'm not saying they will do that for everyone but I think you guys should check legacy out. The reviews eeven in england said these guns were like buying a berretta for a fraction of the cost.

Swampwood 02-08-2009 04:01 AM

I got this gun for my boy too. %$^#$%Thing won't reset on second shot, I can't find a gunsmith to work on it for 2 months yet. Looks like Im gunna have to take a gunsmith course.:mad:

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