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YJGUY 09-04-2009 03:57 AM

A5 3 Shot 20 gauge
I have a few Brownings A5's and Remington Model 11's but I have never seen a gun I bought the other day.

It's a Browning A5 20 ga. with a 28" plain bead barrel marked Browning Arms Co. St Louis, Mo. It's a *full choke. The top of the reciever is what looks to be bead blasted running all the way down into the tang. Serial# C1007X

The front bottom of the forend is marked "Browning 3-Shot" .It's a neat gun in pretty good shape and I got it for $325.00. I figured it will be good for Dove's.

I am thinking this is an American Browning made when the Germans took over the FN plant.

Anyone seen one of these? Do you know if a Belgian or Jap barrel will interchange?

I heard possibly a Remington Mod 11 will interchange. Don't have any other 20's to find out.

Thanks, John

bobski 08-08-2015 09:08 PM

bead blasted is whats called a plain knurled bbl.
your gun was made in 1949.
only 20,000 were made.
it is indeed a remington made browning a5.

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