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autoland 01-08-2009 01:43 PM

'65 Wingmaster
Does anyone know how much a MINT CONDITION 1965 Remington Wingmaster Pump would go for?

hillbilly68 01-09-2009 12:24 AM

welcome to the forum. Good intro.

Txhillbilly 01-09-2009 03:39 AM

Have any photo's? It really depends on the condition,style,etc.. If it is just a plain Wingmaster it will not be worth what a Wingmaster Trap or other higher grade gun would be. Value could go from $200-500,depending on what it is,and what gauge it is.

autoland 01-09-2009 01:43 PM

Its a 12 ga. but here are the links for some pics. I havent ever been able to put them on here directly so heres the links.

Thanks all

janikphoto 01-09-2009 07:13 PM

I couldn't get the photos to work. You know they sell bluebook pricing books for guns, just like they do for cars... Or, use and track some sales of similar firearms.

Also, prices can vary by as much as ten or fifteen percent, depending on what part of the country you are in.

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