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Terry37932 05-17-2011 02:36 PM

18" Hatsan Magnum Barrel Wanted
I'm new here....I was given a Hatsan Escort Magnum with a 28" barrel, according to the manual I can purchase a magazine extender and an 18" barrel, I have looked all over the net anyone know where I can get them? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Oohrah 06-01-2011 08:45 PM

OK I'll bite Never heard of one? Picture?

AleksiR 06-01-2011 11:43 PM

Hatsan/Escort is a Turkish company. At least in Europe Ive seen their BB guns under the brand Hatsan and firearms under Escort, so try searching parts for Escort shotguns. There should be magazine extensions and shorter barrels available since Escort also makes shotguns for Military/LE purposes.

Oohrah 06-02-2011 03:44 AM

Aha !!! I have seen some of their shotguns, sporting, and they are very well made. Only problem I can see is that you may have to go through an importer for parts needs. Not like Glock pistols where there are drop in parts everywhere, and mostly simple enough to where a smith isn't needed. Any particular reason that you made that choice?

stand4arms 02-07-2013 12:16 AM

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I am a proud owner of a magnum mpa and unfortunately if you live in the us you cannot have or get the mag extension. The atf for some reason doesn't want them in the us. But here's what i did to mine to beat the gvt. I bought an extension kit for a Remington 870 with a clamp. This will work. Trick is you have to put the clamp behind the extension cap because there aren't enough threads, a #18 o ring behind the clamp. Not in front of it. Screw on the extension and you're done. Use the stock mag spring. I put the spare follower in the tube backwards to add tension. It'll hold 7 2-3/4 inch rounds or 6 3s. I've put 200 rounds through mine with no problems ever. Oh and don't forget the lock tight on the tube threads only. Not the cap. Its a bit of a pain to field strip and reassemble but its the only way to get a mag extension if you want one. And btw the muzzle brake will not damage or flash burn the tube.

Kibbleking 02-23-2013 03:19 AM

Hello Stand4Arms, Thanks much for posting here.. I just joined this forum to see if anyone had tried to use the 870 extension tube.. Im glad to see it works.. It looks like the original cap goes away all together ?? The Extension tube screws on in its place? how am i doing so far ? And the " O " ring is still the same size as original ?? And its a #18 ?
I need help with " Spare follower" ?? and in backwards ?? Was/is the spare follower in the 870 kit ?? and lock tite on the tube threads ? Not the cap.. So the cap is ?? Still used ?? So after this Mod what is the take down procedure?

stand4arms 02-24-2013 02:23 AM

Hey kib. I'm going to take a few more pictures for you tomorrow in detail and the process isn't as complicated as it seems. Stand by for more info on this tomorrow as I will walk you through it step by step. Question though - what Hatsan model do you have? Mines the escort mpa

stand4arms 02-25-2013 01:18 AM

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Ok kibbleking, I'll do my best to explain the process in the easiest way I can so here's how it goes. 1st order yourself a Remington 870 +2 extention kit with tube, cap, clamp and spring (all comes in the kit) before you even attempt to install it, go to your local osh and get a pack of the number 18 O rings you see in my pictures. When you're ready to assemble, take the stock cap off and put it away as you won't need it anymore. Place the O ring on first, then the clamp that came with the kit and tighten the sling screw down on the clamp (also in the kit) but not too tight. Overtightening will squeeze the magazine and rounds won't feed or cycle. Tighten just enough so that there is no play in the fore arm. Then place the cap directly in front of the clamp hand tight. No lock tight on the cap. Definitely use some on the tube threads as in my experience the tube vibrates lose especially in rapid fire or when using high brass loads. Don't use the mag spring in the kit. Use the stock spring. My escort mpa came with the extra follower...I installed it backwards in front of the spring from the get go. I'm honestly not sure if this is is necessary but it works for me. Anyway, that's about it. Spring goes into the mag tube, lock tight on extention tube threads only, hand tighten the tube into the cap and you now have 7+1 off 2 3/4 or 6+1 of 3 inch shells. Hope I helped you out man. Good luck. Stand4arms

stand4arms 02-25-2013 10:06 AM

And by the way, take down procedure is in reverse to instalation. May need a pair of pliers to get the cap off though. I think the heat build up during shooting must make the cap self tighten. The take down and reassembly is a bit more time consuming than 1 2 3 but trust me it's worth it. Anyway, any more questions just ask. Good luck on 7+1. It's alot of fun

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