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Want to build my first Tactical Rifle. Help...

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Originally Posted by dog2000tj View Post
Check out Juhno's thread -

C'mon man don't be a girly man! Give it a shot and build your own. Not only do you get the satisfaction you get the knowledge behind it. Plus you get to hand pick the components.

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edit - Sorry, I didn't answer the question - yes you can buy a complete lower. This will consist of the lower receiver, lower parts kit, trigger group, pistol grip and stock. But as I stated, by building your own you can choose the parts that go into the completed lower.

Love the Rob Schnieder pic! Ok, you now pulled my Beotch card too. Screw it, I am going to buy the aluminum scrap, and machine the whole thing myself!

No, really, I will by it piece by piece and post its progress on here. BUT:

I want a tactical 50yds top rifle. I am not looking to snipe anyone as if SHTF around here, the most I get is a 100ft shot. So I am looking for portable short barrel, kick ass rail for light, bayonet, laser, and whatever.

I want the open hole sights I had on my Army rifle. Screw a scope, no time for that.

So, what parts should I look at, by what companys, and what specs, etc;

Why do all guns fit my hand perfectly?? Weird!!!
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Hahaha, just giving you some ribbing.

Well to start most of your questions have been answered in Juhno's build thread. But to paraphrase a little,

1. Start with the AR lower receiver. Most are of the same quality build and finish. Prices vary from just over $100 and upwards of $300 (ridiculous).

2. Your looking for a 50yd rifle tops so a shorter lighter barrel should do fine.

3. Flip up iron sights are made by a variety of comapnies and are easy to install and use.

4. See previous threads in the AR section - read, read, read and read some more.

From what I've learned is that most basic set ups will suit just about everybody for the basics. It's when you get into personal/unique requirements/set-ups that ones AR platform really starts to shine.

Good luck

Edit - here are a few links to get you started. Basic AR15 set ups, take a look and compare.

Online Store — DPMS: AR-15 Rifles, Parts and Accessories.

Stag Arms

Rock River Arms: CAR A2 / A4

Bushmaster - Home Defense & Recreation Rifles
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Well, it appears that you are in good hands here so I am not needed. I will say this, build your own, you will gain knowledge that will be INVALUABLE to servicing and maintaining your rifle and it will be a labor of love that you will take great pride in.

Since this forum started growing, we have had about 12 or 15 folks undertake their own builds, none of whom had any experience and all of them loved the results.

Ask the questions and these good forum guys will help you out of any jam you might get into.

But trust me, it's not THAT hard to build and maintain an AR. They are very easy machines to understand.

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Originally Posted by jps37033 View Post
Ok, Im no Beotch, so I am gonna have to build now. LOL

Ya'll called me out. Just one question, can I buy an assembled lower instead of a stripped and a kit? That way I can duck out on a few steps. I am familiar with these somewhat as I have taken them apart and cleaned them many times in the Army.

I guess it would be more gratifying to build to suit rather than to buy assembled.
You can buy a completed lower receiver, they start around $250 and up, depending on what brand name you want. That isn't too bad, considering that a lower receiver will run you $100 +/- a few $$'s, around $65 for a parts kit, then another $100 + for a stock. Check out that link I gave you earlier, PK Firearms, on the left hand side, scroll down to Lower Receivers. They list a Rock River complete lower starting at $275. Also, another great brand, the Sabre Defense complete lowers starting at $265. So if you start with the complete lower, you'll actually save a few pennies. That is assuming you find one with the rollmark (brand) you like, that also comes with the type of stock you like, etc. But, you'll also miss out on learning how to put one together from a parts kit if you buy it complete. Now, you're right back to what I was talking about earlier, buying something pre-assembled, then having to change out what you don't like. If you are happy with it the way it is, then you are ahead of the game. But if you are going to be changing out the stock for a different one, changing out the grip, etc., then that lower just ended up costing you another $150 and up. So now, you are into the lower $400!

But that is the fun part of this disease. Trying to find the best deals, the best set-ups, all for what suits YOUR needs. That's why it's kind of hard for us to tell you what to buy, until we know what you are looking for.

Look around your area gun shops, or any gun shows, check out prices on complete lowers. Unless you really have to have one, I'd recommend staying away from the NM 2-stage trigger/lowers up front. Those receivers are going to run you close to $400 by themselves. If you are comfortable with the standard A2 type stock (solid), those lowers will be the most affordable - generally. The collapsible (M4-Type 4/6 position retractable) stocks, will run a little higher than the A2. Or, you could buy a 80% lower, with no stock, and spend the money on the type of stock you want. There are dozens to choose from, so you'll have to do a little research on which style you like best. Check out Magpul, LMT, Vltor, Bravo Co., etc.

Speaking of Bravo Co., they just came out with their own complete lower:

BCM Lower Receiver Groups M4 AR15 - check out the site, their price is reasonable for what all they put in it @ $350, plus $100 shipping, plus FFL fee. (another reason I suggest looking around locally)

As for a light, short range upper - the skies the limit. Do you want a flat top receiver (allows you to mount optics if/when you want) or the standard A2 w/carry handle? The flat tops are more popular, and usually a little cheaper.
From what you were saying, short range, a 16" barrel would suffice, also be lightweight and quick to swing on target. Here, they range from pencil thin barrels to heavy barrels, M4 barrels with M4 feedramps and M4 profile, mid-length gas tubes, carbine length gas tubes, chrome lined, nitride coated, stainless steel, chrome moly, etc, etc, etc. Each with it's own pros/cons, and priced to match. To give you an example of where the prices will range can buy an ALMOST complete upper, DSA, with 16" M4 style barrel, handguards, front sight, etc. complete - except without a bolt carrier group assembly and charging handle - for $275.

DSA ZM4 Forged 7075T6 A3 AR15 Upper Receiver - DSZM4CBU-D S Arms

This is a great offer, because all you would need then is a good BCG and a charging handle, which you can get for another $150 or so. So now you have a complete upper for around $425. Add on the complete lower from above, and you'd have an almost complete AR for around $700! I said almost, because you'd still have to buy a rear sight (add on another $70+) and you'll have that AR for UNDER $800. was possible. - but you'd have to change out the forearm to add the railed front end you wanted. Oops...add on another $150+. see how this can all go up quickly?

But that's just one option, you can still build the whole upper assembly, and buy the parts you like, too. Again, I'd suggest searching some of the sites, like Bravo Co., PK Firearms, Rainier Arms, Stag, Rock River, DPMS, etc. to get an idea of the kinds of parts that are out there right now, and what prices they will run. Once you get it down to what you like, we can help you work out how to put it all together.

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I built mine for around 800 bucks. Midway usa usually has a lot of parts in stock with decent prices. Want to build my first Tactical Rifle. Help... - Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
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Originally Posted by jps37033 View Post
Can I please get a list of the parts and kits I will need to build a nice .223 AR type rifle.

I see all these stripped uppers, stripped lowers, kits, etc. I would like to stay under $850 finished if possible.

If I wanted to build from scratch, what do I need? What parts are serial #'d and need an FFL? Which parts can I buy online and have shipped to me? Thanks
I having been thinking of doing this as well. Brownells has a great series of short videos on their website that gives you a complete understanding of the parts required and the various options. Well worth the hour or so to view them all. Also, I believe there is a knowledge base on this forum that may outline the parts required along with some 1st hand advice from others that have built their own.

As others have stated, a stripped lower is the firearm per BATF and requires a FFL transfer. A so-called paper weight lower (80% completed)can be purchased without the need of an FFL but you would need to complete it or have an experienced machinist finish it for you. All other parts, i.e. lower parts kits, upper receiver, stock, barrel, etc can be shipped directly to you. Check your state and local regs before ordering. Most restrictions disappeared when the AWB expired but states like NJ, CA and CT still retain most of the pre-ban/post-ban restrictions on certain features, e.g. mag capacity, bayonet lug, flash suppressors, telescopic/folding stock, etc .

Good Luck
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