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jps37033 11-18-2009 05:39 PM

Want to build my first Tactical Rifle. Help...
Can I please get a list of the parts and kits I will need to build a nice .223 AR type rifle.

I see all these stripped uppers, stripped lowers, kits, etc. I would like to stay under $850 finished if possible.

If I wanted to build from scratch, what do I need? What parts are serial #'d and need an FFL? Which parts can I buy online and have shipped to me? Thanks

Yunus 11-18-2009 06:05 PM

The AR lower receiver is the only piece that you need to go through an FFL for. Everything else is just parts, you can order them online or go to a store or gun show and buy them with no paperwork required.

slowryde45 11-18-2009 06:16 PM

The only serial numbered part you'll have to go through an FFL with, is the lower receiver. Everything else, you can find and buy online, from a gun shop, gun shows, from the forum classifieds, etc.

Go over to the AR section of the forum and do a little searching on there. You'll find quite a few postings similar to what you are asking, with all the same info.

Then decide, what kind of shooting you'll be doing mostly with this piece, what ranges (distance) you think you'll be shooting at, if you want something set up for long range accuracy, varmint shooting, target, plinking, home self defense, etc. Will you be shooting from a bipod or mainly off-hand? Do you want a longer heavy barrel (great for distance and accuracy) or a shorter lightweight barrel (better for CQB type shooting). Do you need a 4-rail forearm on it or lightweight tube, or standard forearm? Will you mounting optics on it (multi-powered scope/red-dot/BUIS) or do you want the standard A2 carry handle or maybe an A3 with removable handle? Do you want an aftermarket trigger (service/2-stage NM)or standard service issue? What type of stock do you want on it (A1/A2 standard solid stock/collapsible/precision stock)? Same with grips - what type of grip(they range from standard A2 to all kinds of tacticool grips)?

And these are only a few questions you should be thinking of. Then it's easier for us to recommend what types of parts/pieces/kits you might want to look into. Price wise, you'll be doing well if you can keep it in the $850 range right now. Not impossible, but just so you know up front, the fancier you get with all the tacticool things, the faster that price will jump up. Do a search online for AR15 parts sites, such as Bravo Co., PK Firearms, Rainier Arms, Global Tactical, ADCO, Yankee Hill Machine, even the gun sites, like Bushmaster, Rock River, DPMS, etc. and you'll get a broader picture of what is available, and what kinds of options and prices go with them.

Putting the pieces together is the EASIEST part. You will need some tools, too. Again, the AR15 section of the forum has posts on this, too. For the most part, there are only a few tools that I would say you almost HAVE to have to put it together (Action Block, Multi-Tool). The rest of the tools, you probably already have in the tool box.

Anyway, not trying to be evasive with the answer, it's just a whole lot easier if you do a little searching and narrowing down your choices first, then we can fine tune it or offer pros/cons or other suggestions.


jps37033 11-18-2009 08:58 PM

Wow. I think I might just buy one assembled.... :eek:

slowryde45 11-18-2009 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by jps37033 (Post 187853)
Wow. I think I might just buy one assembled.... :eek:

LOL...oh come on now. I didn't scare you away with all that did I? Didn't mean to. There is a bit that goes into these things. You could buy an assembled one, and then change whatever to suit your needs. That would be the easiest way to go. wouldn't learn too much about your gun that way. If anything should ever go wrong, would you know where to look, what to fix, etc? Probably not. And your only recourse would be, send it back to the manufacturer or take it in to a gunsmith. Either way, you might be paying bucks, either for shipping to the manf. or pay the gunsmith, because he won't be paying much attention to the warranty. But that choice is yours.

Another way of doing it, and I know quite a few who an assembled one first, get to know it, find out what you'd like to change, then make the changes to that one. The problem with doing it that way, you pay for the complete gun up front. Then you are paying for replacement parts, too, not to mention you'll end up with a pile of parts that you take off and replace. Doing it this way is more expensive.

The SECOND one,...yes...there will most likely be parts for that one, and build it the way you want, right from the start. This is usually cheaper than the other way, but it all depends on what you put on it. If you are a brand name kind of guy, then know that you will pay for those names. Not saying you should not buy quality, just saying that know that quality parts can be bought without the names, too. ;) So there are ways to keep the price down, without sacrificing too much.

Whichever way you decide to do it, belcome to the world of SUR's.


ktmboyz 11-18-2009 11:29 PM

I purchased my first and just build my second and am now planning on my third.. they seem to be addicting:confused:

If you know what you want then its a little easier to price and gather parts but there can be so may variations of the black rifle that it can get confusing.

if the build is what is got you apprehensive than cruise through JD's post on building a lower receiver , he did a great job with this and its a huge help to a newbie like me

james_black 11-19-2009 12:04 AM


Brother. I have built 3 of my 4 rifles and there is not better satisfaction than to gain this knowledge. DO IT!! :)

You are not gonna regret it.

slowryde45 11-19-2009 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by jps37033 (Post 187770)
Can I please get a list of the parts and kits I will need to build a nice .223 AR type rifle.

I see all these stripped uppers, stripped lowers, kits, etc. I would like to stay under $850 finished if possible.

If I wanted to build from scratch, what do I need? What parts are serial #'d and need an FFL? Which parts can I buy online and have shipped to me? Thanks

A few options in that $850 range...from PK Firearms:

PK Firearms | Online Store

DPMS Rifles DPMS AP4 16 inch A3 Complete Rifle The 16" chrome-moly barrel in 5.56 chamber has the government profile with the M203 "cut out". The A3 upper receiver can accommodate an array of optics, and comes with a detachable carry handle. The current issue 6 position AP4 stock makes this rifle easy to handle for any shooter. Includes 2 teflon coated 30rd alloy magazines, carry strap sling, and a cleaning kit. Copy of FFL required for purchase.

Our Price: each $850.00

PK Firearms | Online Store

Rock River Arms Rifles Rock River Arms Mid-Length A4 Rifle This Rifle features a 16" Wilson chrome moly mid length barrel and gas system 1:9 twist, 5.56 NATO chamber, 2 stage match trigger and 6 pos stock. Copy of FFL is required for purchase of a complete firearm.

Our Price: each $869.50

Note: buying a complete one online, you will need to have it sent to a FFL, pay a transfer fee. But good complete AR's are available in that price range.

There are more out there, check GunBroker, RGuns, etc.

You can find some really good prices on Kits out there, from Model 1 Sales, JT Distrib., Del-Ton, CMMG, etc. Keep in mind, almost all of them are still filling back-orders that started last year after the election. So if you want to order a kit, contact them and ask about wait times.


jps37033 11-19-2009 04:31 AM

Ok, Im no Beotch, so I am gonna have to build now. LOL :p

Ya'll called me out. Just one question, can I buy an assembled lower instead of a stripped and a kit? That way I can duck out on a few steps. I am familiar with these somewhat as I have taken them apart and cleaned them many times in the Army.

I guess it would be more gratifying to build to suit rather than to buy assembled.

dog2000tj 11-19-2009 04:47 AM

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Check out Juhno's thread -

C'mon man don't be a girly man! :p Give it a shot and build your own. Not only do you get the satisfaction you get the knowledge behind it. Plus you get to hand pick the components.

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edit - Sorry, I didn't answer the question - yes you can buy a complete lower. This will consist of the lower receiver, lower parts kit, trigger group, pistol grip and stock. But as I stated, by building your own you can choose the parts that go into the completed lower.

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