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Which Semi-Auto Rifle?

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That Kel-Tec carbine just might just be a present to my daughter when she moves out instead of the 20 ga pump I was thinking of.... Nifty little rifle.
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As the song says, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice". I think that is where I ended-up. I could not decide what gun to buy, and didn't really like the prices or looks of any of the various "battle rifles" I saw on Saturday so I just spent a few hundred on more ammo for the guns I have.

I don't expect to NEED an AK or SKS and I can have a lotta fun with the various stuff I have if I just have enough "food" for it, so that is where I am...for now.

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Last spring the CETME rifles had a strong appeal...until I read about many dozens of reports about serious problems. Almost each CETME seems to have been assembled by Century Arms contractors.
My resolve was to never buy any semi-auto with Century's name.

As for their AK-74s, the company is well aware that the bores are too large and cause bullet "keyholing" at 100 yards with many Tantals.

In stark contrast to countless bad experiences with Century, my decision to buy a Service Grade M-1 Garand from the CMP was the best gun decision I've ever made.
The ammo costs more than 7.62x39, about .50/rd. (reloadable) versus about .20/rd., and so it can be a very tough choice.

You might really enjoy a common SKS (like my Norinco, or a Russian) and add the aperture sight from Tech Sights.

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Here's an idea for you. Do like the Filipino Marine Scout Snipers do. Yes, it will cost you over $500.00 but you can set this up over time to come up with a really good rifle system.

Filipino MSSR

Filipino MSSR
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If you want a reliable gun that will eat ammo all day long and still fire, the Mini 14 has done this for me. I am working on some homebrew mods on it to make it more accurate though. My local range is only 100 yards so I can say that it shoots well within a pie plate at that range. The non-Ruger high-cap mags can be problematic as they don't feed well. In my opinion it is the mags, not the rifle. The stock Ruger mags work flawlessly and feed every round every time for me. One cheap mod that is well worth it is to change the gas bushing (and tune the gas block in the process) so that the felt recoil is less noticeable and the brass is not ejected 15 feet down the shooting bench where it hits another shooter.

I prefer shooting my Garand though. To shoot much out of a Garand it makes sense to do your own reloads for a couple of reasons. First, the Garand operating rod will be damaged if you shoot factory over-the-counter ammo out of it. Second is the cost of .30/06 factory ammo. On the other hand, you should be able to easily shoot a pie plate all day long at 200.

I would like an AR and plan on building one someday but I don't have much experience with them. I hear they can be finicky though their out of the box accuracy is worth it.
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Well the way it went for me, during the AWB I really wanted a Mini-14 but then kept hearing about accuracy problems. Then I warmed up on the Mini-30 for the larger caliber but again accuracy issues kept me away.

Then I went real cheap with a Mosin M44 for $50 around 1999 and have to say it was fun. I'd been a handgun enthusiast for 35 years and this was the first rifle I'd bought since 1971. Next came an SKS which turned out for me to be a better buy than the Mini-30 since it was only $139 and gave me access to cheap surplus 7.62x39. Really like both rifles and still have them today with no issues.

Finally with the sunset of the AWB in 2004 I got serious on the AR vs. AK debate. The AR was familiar, though four decades ago, but the AK was cheap and fired the surplus ammo I was stockpiling so I wanted to go with the AK first. Finally after a lot of research in early 2007 I decided a WASR-10/63 would be good enough and fortunately it has been. I still love it. Great rifle for about $300 at the time.

Next was an AR build in 2009 and another a that was completed last month. I think I'm done.

Anyway, the point is pick one now, you're bound to get the other later.
The biggest issue with assembling an AR isn't so much getting the parts together right - it's getting the right parts together.
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Get a used Garand, put a black synthetic stock on it.

30.06 power and range, black rifle looks, semi-auto-awgh,awgh,

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Default Easy reload

I would recommend an AR-15 in 6.8 SPC. It won't be cheap, but it is easy to reload. I've had a blast with mine.
"You run what you brung..."

What I "brung": Stag Arms/Lauer Custom Weaponry 6.8 SPC Combat Carbine w/ EoTech 552, Colt AR-15 Tactical Carbine .223/5.56 w/ Aimpoint CompM4, Glock 17, 19, 26, 22, 27, 21, S&W Bodyguard .38spl (5 for sure!), Remington Model 700 .300 WSM w/ Leupold EFR Riflescope.
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A .22lr will do everything you have stated you want and you can save your self $300 while you are at it... I get the feeling you were thinking more along the lines of centerfire, but as you didn't specify im just throwing that out there
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Default A thought

Google Henderson Arms to see some AKs and other rifles that they have. It is reported that Henderson's rifles have a great guarantee, come ready to shoot flawlessly and not with the usual canted front sights and other problems that so many others like CAI built rifles frequently have.

I am in no way connected to the above company but I like to help others as I have been helped with good advise....
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