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sgtdeath66 12-19-2008 10:09 PM

scope ?
ok, i have a center point 4-16x40 scope for my .22 lr. does anyone here have this scope attached to a .22lr and ifso what groups are you shooting with it? it seems like a very nice optic and i havnt had the oppourtunity to see all of its potential, just have it sighted in good enough to hit squirrels with

Dillinger 12-19-2008 10:20 PM

4-16 is plenty for a .22lr

I think I have a Simmons fixed 10X on my 10-22, it was cheap and available, and it's even a little strong for the range. But, aim small, miss small as they say.

My 10-22 shoots good tight groups, but I have several mods, including a glass bedding job that helps. I also have a bull barrel that keeps climb down and barrel harmonics to a minimum. I think I shoot roughly MOA at 100 yards on a good day, with good ammo, if I do my part.


stalkingbear 01-02-2009 08:49 PM

I had a Center-point 4x-16x-40mm mil-dot, illuminated reticle, with target/"tactical" turrets gave to me, and I mounted it on 1 of my ARs. SO FAR it's performed better than I expected, zero, tracking, adjustments have been great for this class (price range) of scope. It suprized me.:)

Dillinger-if you want, I could share a few tips to tighten groups with your 10/22.

big shrek 02-23-2009 07:21 PM

CP has shocked more than a few folks at their unusual quality for a Chinese scope.

I've got two, one on a .22lr & one on a .22WMR, seems perfect for small-caliber/low shock rifles.

There is One Huge thing and a couple of small things about 'em.

Then lock them back once you've made the adjustment.
That's the huge thing, pretty much self-explanitory ;)

Small thing, I used the included rings on my Marlin 60 (.22lr). I'll probably change them out for Weaver Rings other projects on the fire.

On the .22WMR, I did replace the included rings with Weaver Rings...that squishy sticky black tape stuff doesn't hold for very long...which makes the scope slide...and that's a bad thing.

But overall, a darnfine scope :)

Stalkingbear, I'm glad to hear that it handles .223 pretty well, can you keep us updated? :D

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