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JonM 12-06-2012 02:41 AM

scar17 suppressed video
this weekend i did a little rapid fire with the scar17 without the factory installed pws brake. im using a surefire scar-h flashider. first mag is unsupressed second is using a surefire fa762k. at one point i forgot which pocket i had the second mag in :/

oh and i am losing weight so my clothes are getting a bit baggy!! not quite as tubby as i used to be heh less of me to love!!

AgentTikki 12-06-2012 02:59 PM

Looking good JonM!

What are your thoughts and impressions?

JonM 12-06-2012 05:29 PM

i dont do 3gun so the lack of a brake is no biggee to me. i prefer not having that huge backblast from that shtty pws brake blowing my eyeballs out. gotta have double hearing protection to shoot it with that thing on. switching to the surfire flashhider i lost a very little in muzzle climb and and a very slight increase in felt recoil. with the suppressor attached pretty much all muzzle climb and most recoil was eliminated.

its still loud supressed mainly due to that HUGE bolt carrier slamming back and forth.

ive fired HK G3 AR10 and M1a and the scar17 blows em all out of the water for controllability balance and weight. the balance point is right at the front edge of the magwell. right where it should be. with the suppressor its just a slight bit in front of that but still very managable. it would be better with something like a surefire mini or the equivelant.

long as your not 3 gunning i think putting on a regular flash hider is an improvement. with the hider and shooting outside its not bad at all and very tolerable without hearing protection. with the original oem pws brake its almost unshootable under any conditions in my opinion. its just that bad of a brake when it comes to making the shooter have to jump through huge hoops to protect from the concussion.

rapid fire is VERY doable with the hider and even easier with the suppressor.

it beats the snot out of the M1A and all other semi autos in 308 format no question.

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