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Caoimhin 01-18-2012 04:12 PM

PSL or FPK as battle rifle?
I am thinking of the PSL, FPK or ROMAK-3 as a battle rifle. The ammo is is a lot less than 308 - 7.62x51. Anyone have any experience with these. I see that I can only find 10 round mags and the cost at least $25 each. I am aware of the 7.62x54R kick. Are they reliable? Any thoughts are welcome.

JonM 01-18-2012 05:17 PM

ive got one but havent fired it yet. there arent any larger mags for it. its basically a oversized ak47. they are accurate enough 800-1000meters and in wide use in the middle east. ive never heard of one not being reliable.

im not sure i would consider it a battle rifle as its not capable of sustained rates of fire. its more of a hit and run harrassment rifle on the battlefield or one used to take out key targets like machine gunners and leadership targets.

im taking mine out for the first time this weekend.

they are exactly like a big giant ak47 meant to fill the same role that the druganov svd does only cheaper to make and easier to maintain.

JonM 01-19-2012 01:37 AM

one other thing. the only way i know of to make a psl stop dead in its tracks is to load the magazine wrong. if you hook the rim of a round behind the rim of the one below while loading the mag it wont cycle when it gets to that round.

its why you dont see a lot of rimmed cartridges in mag fed firearms you just have to pay attention while loading. that sort of thing isnt conducive to under stress loading of mags in the middle of a fire fight.

thats why the psl's role is as a designated marksmen/sniper firearm. shoot and scoot. reload when your safe.

Caoimhin 01-23-2012 06:37 PM

JonM sorry I didn't get back sooner, Our Sprint service had a local switch failure and Cable One went out at the same time. It was kind of nice the quiet and isolation. Thanks for the input. I'm thinking about this PSL some more. I have added the Ruger 308 Scout Rifle to consider as well. I really don't want to use a heavy as a battle rifle but am more looking for an auto that is good at 500 to 700 yards. We do have a 1000 yard range at the gun club I would enjoy using.

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