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JOHN51977 01-08-2012 03:03 AM

newly purchased AR.
I need some advice. I just purchased a Olympic Arms AR used from a local gunshop. It has the FIRSH handguards on it and a stainless barrel. Its a flatop 16 inch barrel with a magpul collapsable stock and grip. I paid 650 for it. I pulled it all apart and it doesnt look like it was shot that much. The lower is dated from 2006 though. It has a standard front sight post but flip up rear sight. The thing shoots excellent and I have ran about 500 rds of american eagle through with no failures. Did i get a good deal?

Powersportgiant 01-08-2012 01:36 PM

Congrats on the new purchase. Not sure if you got a great deal or not, but if you are happy with it then that's all that matters !

Gatoragn 01-08-2012 01:41 PM

Sounds like a reasonable transaction to me. Now enjoy your purchase.

purehavoc 01-08-2012 02:33 PM

I always tell people its only worth what your willing to pay for it . So if your happy with your purchase it was worth it . Doesnt seem like a bad deal to me and if it shoots good and you like it then I would consider it a good purchase .

dog2000tj 01-08-2012 02:43 PM

If only you had come here sooner ... we could have helped. I am sorry to say you got royally hosed, that AR is a bunch of junk ... might as well get rid of it as soon as you can.

As a fellow AR'er I will reluctantly take it off your hands. What can I say, I'm just a sucker to help out folks when I can.


Relax, enjoy your new to you AR, and shoot the snot out of it! ;)

fisher79 01-08-2012 02:58 PM

Sounds good to me!

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