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DrGonzo11 07-21-2009 03:21 AM

My first M1 Garand, AMMO Questions???? HELP!!
OK, So I've finally got enough money together to get my first Garand. I'm planning on picking it out at the Gun show this Friday, but now I'm getting all these people telling me I can't shoot Commercial Ammo through them. Is this true?? Partially True?? Or Myth??? If it is, are there any types I can shoot, I've already purchased some 180 Gr Core Lokt and Federal ammo. Thanks for the Help.

30-30remchester 07-21-2009 03:33 AM

The M1 wasnt meant to fire modern ammunition. If you shoot factory 30-06 ammo it can bend your op rod. It was designed to shot M2 ammo. This was loaded with a 150 grain bullet and was loaded with 48 grains of IMR 4895 powder. This gave an entirely different preasure curve than does modern hunting ammo. Some people have used modern ammo in their M1 with sucess, however why chance it? More people have had troubles with this ammo than people who havent. You are in luck though, since at least 2 manufactures are making ammo strickly for the M1. Hornady is one and I cant remember who the second one is. Also there is lots of M2 ammo out there and it is easy to substitute FMJ bullets for soft point of the same weight.

M14sRock 07-21-2009 07:44 AM

The CMP has Greek HXP M2 ball for a great price and it is very accurate stuff. Federal used to have an American Eagle M2 loading but I have not checked on it in a while.

supergus 07-21-2009 12:21 PM

Also, Hornady has come out with an M1- specific round for the Garands. Of course I ordered some 3 months ago and haven't gotten 'em yet:(
Sorry 30-30, didn't realize you already mentioned the Hornady rounds:o(just woke up)

robocop10mm 07-21-2009 01:01 PM

I reload for the Garand using 147/150 grain bullets and powder that is no slower than 4895. A faster powder does not seem to cause the problems that a slower powder does. Mil-surp M-2 ammo is safe. Save the cases and reload. My rifle shoots about 5-6" with LC or HXP M-2 and sub 2" with a reasonable handload using W-748 or BLC-2.

hunter Joe 07-21-2009 10:48 PM

168 gr. Sierra Match with 48 grs. 4064. No problem.

ScottG 07-22-2009 12:27 AM

You might be better off just to purchase the Greek ball from the CMP. Accurate and a good price for bulk. It will just take a while to receive it, at least 120 days from order placement.

You won't regret buying a Garand, although check to see if it's a CMP resell. I've seen quite a few vendors selling refurbished rifles that looked good as new, however they seemed very reluctant to tell the price. The CMP still has a few quality ones left for under $600, service grade and they have a refurbished with new wood option for $995 with original receiver and other parts, but new barrel. Much better to purchase one of those if you can wait, than to overpay for a resellers rifle.

Also, don't forget to pick up a sling and bayo.

CA357 07-22-2009 01:45 AM

I use the Greek HXP and have some stored. It shoots great, it's accurate and it's clean. I have a 1943 Springfield M1.

DrGonzo11 07-22-2009 04:52 PM

I understand all the M2 surplus stuff is good 2 go. But has anyone shot any CoreLokt winchester or Federal ammo??? Is it just flat out a NO NO or is it one of those things that if it works it works????

CA357 07-22-2009 05:05 PM

I have taken the advice of those who know more than me and do not shhot commercial ammunition in my Garand. Too much chamber pressure is the reason.
Enjoy your Garand.

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