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calamity38SW 02-20-2012 02:01 AM

married white female seeking badass assult rifle.
Any suggestions guys? I just shot an SKS for the first time today and loved it. I am looking to purchase one but need some insight. I am 5'2" 140lbs but don't want a girlie gun either.

silverado113 02-20-2012 02:10 AM

What kind of insight are you looking for? And btw an SKS is not an assault rifle.

calamity38SW 02-20-2012 02:13 AM

I'm just looking for some suggestions. And thank you for the correction lol now I know. I am looking for something semi auto but light weight that I can stand shooting for a few hours. ;)

downsouth 02-20-2012 02:16 AM

What is your price range?

calamity38SW 02-20-2012 02:19 AM

Like 1200 or under. I am looking for the tactical look though.

ZombieKiller83 02-20-2012 02:26 AM

You can never go wrong with an AR15 ;)

sputnik1988 02-20-2012 02:35 AM

Palmetto state Armory AR-15, my friend just built one and loves it. You could tactical it out and still come in under budget.

purehavoc 02-20-2012 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by calamity38SW (Post 714555)
Like 1200 or under. I am looking for the tactical look though.

Lots of great guns out there for less than what your wanting to spend, They are all customizable to your liking fairly easy , just stay away from the bushmaster carbon 15 , for what your wanting to spend buy a Colt , if you ever decide to sell it you will get your $$$ back , Daniel Defense is a great rifle, Stag Arms is a great rifle , Palmetto State Armory has great rifles, Spikes tactical great rifles , Noveske great rifles , Rock River Arms great rifles . LMT great rifles . Go here and build :D

silverado113 02-20-2012 02:38 AM

I just picked up a complete PSA chambered in 5.56 from Joebob's (link at the top of the page) for 700 and some change, but you could also go with those .22LR versions as well.

purehavoc 02-20-2012 02:42 AM

Thats will take you some some strange place you dont want to be :D

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