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W. C. Quantrill 07-07-2012 07:19 PM

What lube are you guys using on your semi autos?

I have been using Royal Purple synthetic gun oil for about 10 years and I am happy with it, anyone else tried it or using it?

SSGN_Doc 07-07-2012 08:51 PM

ARs I run synthetic motor oil. Sometimes Tetra Lube

M1A I run TW 25 grease.

AK I run anything that's handy.

.22 semi autos I run Rem-oil or Hoppes oil, or Tetra Lube since they seem light.

W. C. Quantrill 07-07-2012 08:54 PM

I have a quart of the little yellow capped grease pots I use on the Garand, but everything else gets the Royal purple synthetic, which I think, is just synthetic motor oil. I like it.

TLuker 07-08-2012 02:16 AM

I've always preferred a dab of grease. It picks up contaminates easier, but holds up longer.

I might try synthetic motor oil at some point, but I just don't have confidence in oil? Oil is great for light stuff, but it just doesn't hold up like grease. If it were up to me I would design all semi autos with grease fittings. :cool:

W. C. Quantrill 07-08-2012 02:20 AM

That Royal Purple stuff is tenacious as grease. It is like lithium grease, ya know the kind, ya get it on you and you can smear it around but you cant wipe it off?

JonM 07-08-2012 02:26 AM

i use mobil 1 synthetic 30w. it doesnt burn off like gun oil does as it takes far more heat than a firearm produces for it to breakdown or burn up. most gun oils are very lightweight machine oils which are terrible, absolutely aweful, for running a firearm. rem oil is probably the worst gun oil ever put on the market and should only ever be used to oil a gun thats going to be put in a safe and even then it evaporates very quickly.

on my ccw i use tetra grease since im more concerened about getting oil all over my clothing than the grease burning off.

there are different kinds of lubricants for different purposes.

preservatives used to store guns and keep rust away. should never be used as an operating lubricant

cleaners like clp which does decent for general cleaning and preserving but again shouldnt be used for operating a firearm

then there is lubricants like grease or motor oil mixtures which are terrible at cleaning but excel at operating a firearm.

if you only have one "oil" or lubricant your doing your firearms a diservice. use the proper fluid for the activity at hand

trip286 07-08-2012 02:31 AM

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A gift from Downsouth the last time we got together...
And it works great.

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okdonk 07-08-2012 04:47 AM

+1 for the Mobil1 full synthetic motor oil 5w30. It doesn't dry up like the others.

willfully armed 07-08-2012 04:50 AM

Moly grease on frame rails, clp or militec everywhere else

robocop10mm 07-08-2012 08:28 PM

Mobil 1 5W30 or Riglube +P (stainless steel lube). I like the dry lube for the AR's

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