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Gergify 12-03-2008 06:11 PM

IOI AKM-74C rifle
I've been getting mixed opinions about Interordnance INC. (IOI) from the little info scattered on the internet. Some people love them, others say there nothing but WASR, and CS stinks.

I currently in the market for a cheaper (<$700) Ak model, and their Akm-74C caught my eye (

So how is the IOI AKM-74c? How about the company IOI in general? Any other suggestions on other AK models under $700

bkt 12-03-2008 07:52 PM

No idea about the IOI.

But $700 is a LOT to pay for a WASR-10 (or similar). Even the $500 for the IOI seems a little steep. Consider the following:

Gergify 12-03-2008 08:36 PM

I'm concerned with the quality of the WASR. I've heard many horror stories about them. However there doesn't seem to be any other AKs that fit my price range that are much better than them.

any other help?

Dillinger 12-03-2008 08:57 PM

Does it have to be an AK? How about an SKS, have you given them a look?

I mean, they aren't pretty, but they are reliable, and I think, more accurate than a standard AK - plus the price difference could go towards quite a bit of practice ammo. Or, at least it could have. I haven't priced Import Ammo in awhile...

Just a thought - I don't know anything about IOI. Never come across any of their stuff, but the AK itself is not a real common unit in our shop.


Gergify 12-03-2008 09:33 PM

Eh. I prefer carbine/assault weapon type weapons. Also SKS, at least the Yugos, seem to be out of stock every where

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