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duffydog 12-15-2007 01:51 AM

new to group, has any one owned any of the Hi-Point Line?
I've never heard of them till i was on and auction site
and the price was i'll say it cheap. i got the 9mm and will be geting the 45. They are not pretty. made in the USA with
life time warrenty.

matt g 12-15-2007 03:21 AM

I got a .380 for my wife to learn on. I wouldn't buy another. Fit and finish is crappy, the controls are cheap and the barrel feels like it's made out of plastic. The striker also hits the primer when ejecting unspent rounds.

Tilt 12-16-2007 04:23 AM

All of the ones I have seen were junk. For someone that only shots once or twice a year and that is the only time they ever touch the gun, they are OK. You can pick them up for about $100 or less sometimes. I would strongly suggest looking at something different.

Big Gay Al 12-16-2007 11:53 PM

I've never owned one, but saw more than a few being used by Security people in New Orleans in Nov. 2005. If you're really into Hi-Point, I'd recommend going to the forum.

robocop10mm 12-17-2007 02:14 PM

Lifetime warranty? Just how much is your life worth? I would never trust a Hipoint, or Jennings, or Bryco or RG to work when my life is on the line. How good is the warranty when your survivors have to send it in for repairs?

Big Gay Al 12-17-2007 09:39 PM

I dunno. On the range in New Orleans, I saw Hi-Points keep on working, while Springfield XD's and some Glocks were jamming. (Oddly, my Taurus 9mm kept right on shooting. ;) )

As with any firearm, I would not trust my life to one until I had put at least 500 rounds through it. But all the people I've talked to, who own one (or more), and still own one, stand by them.

I know. They look cheap, they feel cheap, and in general, they cost around $100.00, give or take $10-$20, depending on what caliber and whether or not you got the laser sight with it.

FYI, a few months ago, Gun Tests Magazine did an article on the C9 9mm. and it got their highest recommendation.

Disclaimer: I do not work for MKS Supply (Owner of Hi-Point Firearms), or any of their affiliates, nor do I get any compensation for stating my opinion of their products. ;)

matt g 12-18-2007 01:13 AM

Honestly, I've never had any issues with the function of my wife's .380 Hi Point. It is just cheaply made. The barrel looks and feels like plastic and the slide is pot metal. The trigger is plastic and the safety/slide release is a little piece of light gauge metal. The controls are sloppy and the striker hits the primer when ejecting rounds.

It does fire every time you pull the trigger though.

Big Gay Al 12-19-2007 01:07 PM

Well, I don't know when your Hi-Point was made. I have actually looked at a few, and found most of them appeared to be put together quite well. In general, the slide is not made of 4140 steel, I believe, however, that the barrel is. As far as I know, any non-essential parts are made of polymers, or cheap metals.

The slide on ALL their pistols are heavy, for a reason. So far as I know, ALL their pistols operate on the blowback principle, which is why they make the slide so heavy.

I would however, love to try one of their carbines. I've heard nothing but good comments about them.

Righteous 12-30-2007 11:53 AM

I would not trust my life to one

anon 12-30-2007 02:55 PM

We're talking about Hi-Point long guns here?

Hi-Point discussions usually go like this.....

Guy who has never seen one fired: "They're junk, you get what you pay for".
(This same response comes from people who have never even seen one, for some reason)

Guys who own and shoot them: "Yeah, they're crude, but they are reliable and accurate enough for their job."

A $70 ATI stock makes them look better, in my opinion:

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