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suzychapstick 10-25-2012 07:03 AM

help reccomend a semi .308
I'm trying to figure out what to do about getting a semi auto .308
I wouldn't use it for hunting. It would be fore shooting on the ranch and general protection in any type of case.
I have a idea what a M1A is. A battle field rifle sounds good to me. But I've heard mixed reports. Heard there not very accurate, then heard they a very accurate. And I'm talking basic model, not the match rifle. Heard you need to pay attention to what you feed it, the wrong ammo will tear it up. Then I hear there tough. So I'm confused on that. Heard design is old, new stuff has passed it up.

The other option is a AR10 design or something of similar. Something with a lower upper type thing. I've been getting a little education on AR15s lately, but am sort of lost on how universal or what will work w/ what as far as this style weapon in 308.
So I'm looking for some advice or someone elses theory on these guns I mentioned or something else that fits what I'm looking for.
I don't care much what it looks like, Ideally something that parts are plentiful, something that alot of them were made, or something mil spec like, if there is such thing. Also a .308 is plenty gun for me, what I mean is, when your pumping off the shots, I want something thats a little friendly to handle. I want to hit my target in repeated fire. Any suggestions.

mountainman13 10-25-2012 09:37 AM

7.62 AR platform

DavidB 10-25-2012 09:51 AM

Springfield socom 16. IMHO, as good as it gets

GonzoLonzo 10-26-2012 02:57 PM

Hey Suzy, I have a Remington R-25 in .308. It is made by DPMS. I like their AR-10 type guns but I'm not fond of their AR-15 types. I have owned it now for over 3 years, fired a couple thousand rounds through it and have had zero issues with it. It will shoot anything I put in it. With 168 grain match grade ammo, it will shoot under 1" groups at 100 yards. With cheapo 155 grain FMJ it will shoot 2-2 1/2" groups. The trigger on them suck but if you send them in to Bill Springfield, he will work his magic and give you a nice trigger for a lot less than replacing it. As far as recoil, it is a lot less than a bolt action. My wife loves shooting it. She goes out and will fire 60-80 rounds in one day with no problems. Do keep in mind, this thing is heavy. If you are going to be carrying it around for a while, it will get old really fast.

Let me ask, you said you wanted something for shooting on the ranch and general protection correct? At what distance do you think you will be shooting at? As I said this thing is heavy and trying to shoot it off hand is almost imposible. You will have to brace yourself against something to get a good shot. There are different uppers you can get for an AR-15 type that are hard hitting rounds that will work well for general protection. And they will be a lot lighter and easier to carry around.

25-5 10-26-2012 03:45 PM

I have the M1A. It is match grade and very accurate. It has no bad points. It is, however, heavy. I think Gonzo has you on the right track.

Dillinger 10-26-2012 04:24 PM

Some good suggestions here. Gonzo has a great post above, so *respect* on that for taking the time.

A few thoughts.

The AR-10 is a bit different from the AR-15 in that not all parts are interchangeable. There are two branches on this road, one is Armalite ONLY and one is DPMS ONLY.

If you buy a set of Armalite Receivers (you need both the Upper and the Lower) you MUST buy Armalite geared parts for them.

The reverse is true with DPMS. THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGABLE.

This is negated if you buy a complete gun, but you will have to choose between a DPMS geared one, or an Armalite geared model.

I bring this up because you mentioned that you want something that is common and there are a lot of parts made for the rifle you will be getting.

Neither company is going away anytime soon, so I presume that parts will always be available from somewhere on the Interwebz.

Having said that, unless your LGS is quite large and has deep pockets, they are probably not going to carry both options.

Now in the reliability world, the M1A, has been around a LONG time and it comes in many configurations from National Match, to more of a Scout weapon that is lighter and easier to carry.

It has some quirks to it. It's an op-rod driven system and the op-rod is dog legged, so the motion created is not linear. Also "free floating" of the barrel is somewhat of a new concept for them, so follow up shots are not going to be "as accurate" as they could be with a DI gun like the AR-10.

That said, a well built M1A (which a lot of the ones coming out today completely qualify as) will hit targets all day long given the caveat that you are not trying to dump 10 rounds on target in 8 seconds of time.

I don't have an M1A, but I have shot a few of them and if I was after another .308, it would be one to consider because they are fun to shoot and they have a history to them that appeals to me.

A couple of things to consider also are weight (for packing around the land) and recoil (lighter weapon - more recoil). So I would suggest to shoot a couple of weighted rifles in any model you can get your hands on to gauge for yourself what is, and what is not, going to work for you personally.

Good luck!


Sniper03 10-26-2012 04:45 PM


To give some more insight as Gonzo and Dillinger have so effectively explained it. The Springfield M1-A Rifles are very fine rifles. If you go with the full length rifle and do not want a NM Rifle I would suggest you go with the Springfield M1-A *Loaded Model or other models. Just recently changed my own mind and went with it over the True NM Model. (Cost Factor) but it came with the NM Barrel and Trigger. Not a bit sorry about the decision. It is a 1 MOA or less rifle new out of the box. You do not have to worry about what ammunition you shoot in it. You may have heard this issue referring to the older M1 Garands due to full hot loads and possibly damaging the Operating Rods. Not the M1-As or M-14s. The other mention was the DPMS 308. I noticed the comment about the trigger being less than impressive, not that they are bad rifles as well as the AR-10s. So with that said you might want to take a look at the Rock River Arms LAR-8 which comes standard with the RRA 2 Stage National Match trigger in it. Which is one of the finest triggers out there for the price. And even the 16" Barrel LAR-8's are capable of shooting 1 MOA Groups. I use the Gold Medal Federal GM308M 168 gr. BTHP for precision shooting. With regard to the 308 vs the AR-15s in 5.56, keep in mind the 308s are more heavy and a little more bulky than the AR-15s when manipulating them and carrying them around. So you may want to get the feel of both before you make the final decision. Good luck on your choice!


locutus 10-27-2012 03:06 PM

Another excellent option is the FNAR manufactured by FN Herstal.

Pretty much a Browning semi BAR with an alloy receiver to reduce weight and a 20 round mag.

And, of course, that legendary FN quality.

TruggieTex 10-27-2012 03:35 PM

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My mother in law fell in love with my M1A scout below. Cool looks, manageable recoil, and a 5 inch 8 shot group at 100 yds. won her over.

NativH 10-30-2012 01:39 PM

I'm kind of with Gonzo on you probably sticking with the AR15 platform, with some of the better rounds in 5.56 or possibly moving into the specialty rounds like a 6.5 or 300. I have an Armalite AR10 in 308 and a LMT in 5.56 and love them both. The AR10 hits like a ton of bricks and it wickedly accurate with Hornady TAP 110 gr ammo. With just my M2 Aimpoint red dot, it shots a 1.5" grouping at 100 yards which is nuts since the dot is 4 MOA. Just goes to show that the standard Armalite trigger isn't that bad, or I'm just lucky. It is certainly a more bulky and heavier rifle than the LMT M4. I can carry 6-30 round mags with my LMT but I'd hate to carry 9-20 round 308 mags with my Armalite into the field, just to have the same round count.

But against feral hogs, the AR10 will always get the call. And if SHTF and I have to shoot through a wall at a perp, I'd feel much safer with the 308 shooting FMJ than any 5.56. My suggestion, get one of each and have a ball.

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