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Gordo323 06-24-2010 02:11 AM

Bullpup's Big Brother
So, I'm looking for a Big Brother for my Microtech (Steyr Aug Clone) I'll post a pic, but was interested in this ock=all&manufact_combo=Kel%2DTec&mod_ser_combo=Non e&category_combo=None&model=None&g_type=None&act_t ype=&finish_type=None&calib_combo=308&sight_class_ combo=None&price_range=None&left_handed=&youth=&Of fset_rec=0&num_rec=50&item_num= Kel-Tech.
Anyone familiar with it?, looked at some videos on you tube and thought it was interesting how it pushed the spent casings out the front! It's also 1" shorter than the gun I have!
Great sale price and my FFL assures he can get me one. Just thought I'd ask here first as of all the good advice (and fun!) I've had here:)

Gordo323 06-24-2010 02:22 AM

Sorry, tried to post an easy to follow link to the gun I was looking at, didn't come out that way! Oh well:o

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