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Best WWII smg?

View Poll Results: Best WWII smg?
Thompson M1928A1/M1A1 30 58.82%
MP-40 5 9.80%
PPSh-41 2 3.92%
Sten 2 3.92%
Suomi KP/-31 2 3.92%
M3 Grease gun 6 11.76%
Type 100 0 0%
Other 4 7.84%
Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by User Name View Post
I voted PPSH because waisting led can be fun . But seriously I think I would like the STG44 the best out of all the WWII SMG's.
To all you people saying STG-44, IT WAS AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!!!! And tango, you're an a-****. I have shot real guns before, but I'm really interested in WWII guns.

You engage in a personal attack in your second post here? And your first post is a reference to the favorite guns you use in a computer game? Best WWII smg? - Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion

What do you expect the response will be from this group of experienced alpha males??

I am giving you a second chance because; I am kind.

I suggest you go here and read the FTF Newcomer's Guide << Click Here

Then hop over to the Introductions section and let us know a little about you. Like maybe your favorite game machine/controller. Then we can get an idea of your firearms experience.

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Originally Posted by General_lee View Post
If I'm not mistaken, the MP-40 and the Stermgewehr are the same gun.
Hitler was originally opposed to the creation of the MP40, but production continued in secret. When Hitler found out about the MP40, he decided to rename it the stermgewehr 44.
Technically though, the stermgewehr is not a SMG, it's an assault rifle because it fires an intermediate round instead of a pistol round.
It might not be the MP40, but I know the "Storm Rifle"s original name was MP-something.
Best WWII smg? - Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
MP40 9x19mm SMG MP 40 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Best WWII smg? - Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
sturmgewehr 44 7.92x33kurtz Assault Rifle

From--->StG 44 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MP 43, MP 44, and StG 44 were different designations for what was essentially the same rifle, with minor updates in production. The variety in nomenclatures resulted from the complicated bureaucracy in Nazi Germany.....
In April 1944, Adolf Hitler decreed that the MP 43 be renamed the MP 44. In July 1944, at a meeting of the various army heads about the Eastern Front, when Hitler asked what they needed, a general exclaimed, "More of these new rifles!". This caused some confusion (Hitler's response is reputed to have been "What new rifle?"), but once Hitler was given a chance to test-fire the MP 44, he was impressed and gave it the title Sturmgewehr. Seeing the possibility of a propaganda gain, the rifle was again renamed as the StG 44, to highlight the new class of weapon it represented, translated "Storm (Assault) rifle, model 1944", thereby introducing the term

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Thanks for the correction, Gate!
Like I said, it was MPsomething lol
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All the subguns mentioned are good weapons except possibly the Type 100 which was issued in such small numbers that its effectiveness is hard to assess.

Thompson- Too heavy
All the 9mm weapons- cartridge not powerful enough.
Grease Gun- Pretty good, handy package in .45 Cal.
PPhs-41- Pretty good, but loading those drums was difficult.

My "other" choice PPS-43 in 7.62X25. Hard hitting cartridge combined with easy to use stick magazines.
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Originally Posted by Wings-ofthe-Luftwaffe View Post
i would really like to own a stermgewehr 44, but it didnt make it onto you list.

as far as best, id have to agree, the thompson is a fine machine. but id rather own the STG44 for sure
The Strumgewerh was an assault rifle. Probably the first one of its kind.
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This thread brings t3h aw3somz

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Default Best WW2 subgun

Hi all,
I will pitch in with a somewhat obscure SMG, the Owen Gun. Being an Aussie
I couldn't help but mention it here It could group practically a whole mag into
a 12" target at 100 yards and never jammed. I've used the F1 SMG which is the Owen's successor (uses much of the same action) and can vouch for it's accuracy. There were tests done with a mk2 Owen that was immersed in mud for a month and fired it's whole mag without so much as a wipe off! In New Guinea in WW2, the high precision Thompsons used by Oz troops jammed constantly. If you can find it, check out the movie 'Kokoda'. It has a few scenes which outlines this problem. I believe that later made Thompsons had lower machining tolerances and 'gunk channels' which ejected battlefield grime and stoppages became a lot less frequent. Of course, the .45 round used in the Thompson has far superior stopping power than the 9mm which the Owen, MP40, Suomi, Sten and heaps of other WW2 SMG's used.

Speaking of the Sten, I've shot a couple of those too and I can honestly say that they are pretty good for a 'backyard shed' SMG. An Armorer that I know has solved the Sten magazine stoppage problem by greasing every round that he loads (28 rounds max per mag) with machine oil and polish the feed lips on each mag.

If anyone is interested, I have a complete file available with machining blueprints to manufacture the Sten Mk2, along with full diagrams to make it a semi auto (to keep it legal). Also included is a copy of the blueprints to make the receiver, a copy of the original 1942 instruction manual plus 2x 7 page illustrated English articles on the history and effectiveness of the Sten. Just PM me for details. Cheers from Oz,
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I have shot all of those at one time or the other. My personal favorite is the Thompson. I prefer the 1928 style ( I have two), but I do own a very nice minty WWII M1. And yes, I have shot two at the same time.
Best WWII smg? - Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
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