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Bioman 05-18-2009 12:02 AM

Armalite AR30
So here is the deal. Local store has a Armalite AR-30 with a lower end $300 scope. It was used, but very, very little according to the store owner (only shot every other Sunday by a little old lady after church). :D;) :D It is chambered in .308 win. The price is $1,299.00
So here's the question; this seems like a really good buy. I plan on doing bench shooting just for enjoyment, not competition or anything like that. The AR30 also comes in .300 mag. and .338 Lapua. I could just wait and get one of the other calibers; of course I could wait a long time. Is a rifle like this best served in a .308? :o

RL357Mag 05-18-2009 12:54 AM

That's a fair price for a used AR-30 in today's market. AR-10's (.308) will run you about $1200 for an RRA and about $1000 for a DPMS. I think you could do better accuracy-wise with a DPMS or RRA, and have a much lighter and shorter gun. I have a heavy barreled DPMS in .308 that shoots under an inch which is great for a semi-auto. The AR-30 has a published accuracy of 1 moa and I believe they have either a 26" or 28" barrel and weigh 12 lbs. Of course they are bolt action and only have 5 rd. mags. I think you could get a much more accurate bolt action rifle for about the same amount of money from Savage (Mod.12) or Winchester (Mod.70). They may not look as cool as an AR-30, but IMO if one-hole groups is your goal, I would look elsewhere.

Bioman 05-18-2009 10:32 AM

Appreciate the input:)

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