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AR vs. AK Reliability

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To OP's original question:
I've personally only experienced one failure with an AR pattern, a fail to eject with a worn out colt in boot camp. Considering I put a couple thousand through it, and God only knows how many recruits had put it through hell before me, I consider that to be pretty damn good.

AK, I've only shot two, jstrong's saiga, and Downsouth's WASR. They both shot great, but its hard to form an opinion on only one or two mags.

I think both are reliable and proven platforms. Yes, the AR had trouble in the 60's, but damn, that was around 50 years ago. There have been a lot of improvements since then.
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i have limited experience with both. but there is usually a reason for a reputation.

i love the mini 14. but it has a bad rep for accuracy. mine shoots very well, so i never understood the bad rep. but, the mini must have been pretty bad before they updated and improved about 10 years ago. some must have been very bad. a bad reputation is hard to beat, even if it doesn't apply to a gun that has been improved.

the AR still has this lingering rep for malfunctions and reliability. i'm convinced most of it is outdated. (i have an AR, but only 200-300 rounds through it thus far, so i need more time to make an opinion). however, i have seen an article (older, maybe 10 years old), and a TV show (maybe 1-2 years ago), where an AR was jammed up with mud and sand on each one, while the mini and AK kept chucking the rounds.

the AK has one of the best reliability reputations of combat rifles. this doesn't happen by accident imo.

personally, i think the overstatements about AR reliability (or lack of) are mostly garbage. i think they are reliable guns. but there is almost always some amount of truth to these longstanding reputations. although many of them are probably outdated. i know its hard for AR owners to have a very reliable firearm and then hear about how the platform is unreliable all the time. i have a pretty accurate mini, only to hear statements about how inaccurate they are all the time. in the end, your personal expereince matters the most.

AR reliable?... i certainly think so. as reliable as an AK? well....i don't think so, but maybe....but i am not an expert either, and i'm mostly basing it off of some things i have read and seen (having very limited experience with both platforms).
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Hard to compare the 2 but I will give it a shot! The manufacturing philosophy is what make them such a different weapon. The AR was designed as a high tech but expensive super accurate high fire rate solution, the AK not so high tech, heavy but easy for anyone with a small machine shop to produce or repair.

The AK is a workhorse made to fire reliably 99% of the time even when you pull it out of the dirt. Its inexpensive to manufacture, generally swaps parts with others with no problem and is more about beef than accuracy. Its heavy enough to keep on target when full auto is used.

The AR is a lightweight, precise, accurate and sometime finicky piece. When deployed clean, lubed and in the hands of someone who knows how to zero it and use the sights, is as accurate as you can get except in full auto, its too light and climbs like a f16 when fired in Rock and Roll, the 3 round burst has eliminated most of that.

I think use is the deciding factor for the shooter. If your trying to target shoot; read, learn and get the AR! If your shooting big angry animals, low crawling through mud, no time to maintain it daily, gotta shoot no matter what, get the AK.

The original issues with the original ArmaLite AR frame have for the most part been eliminated over the last 40 years or so. If you know how to clean and maintain it, how to use the not so standard Sights and can afford one, its about as accurate as you can get much more so than the AK.

The kill factor is lower on the AR (5.56) than the bigger AK round (7.62) but either will stop you cold if hit. The tumbling round of the AR is a real multi trauma producer, it can enter your leg and exit your neck The AK's round is also major trauma producing but thats generally localized, it enters and if it doesnt stop, blows a big hole on the other side when exiting.

In the end, both weapons were produced with mass production and mortal combat in mind as are almost all Automatic capable weapons, not target shooting . They are both really a blast to shoot but the proper licensing and overwhelming urge of our elected Republi-Crats to limit access may not be worth the trouble or risk.

I like them both but would own neither, they will end up taking them away sooner or later, just is a fact. its gonna happen! I refuse to own any weapon I have to register or get a special license for, just makes it too easy for them to collect them up later!
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