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Ar hunting ?

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My 6.8 is a purpose built hunter. Works well on larger hogs and deer without wasting a lot of meat. ~500 yds of range with plenty of power. My 223 I use to varmit with. Yotes up to deer with proper bullet and shot placement. 34 grain is a prairie rat death sentence....:what::beer:
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I think my Ruger SR762 is a keeper. I put a 3# Timney trigger in and it shoots 1 to 1 1/2 MOA with most loads.
My Ruger SR556 is about a 1 1/2 MOA rifle and had a fair trigger, also a keeper.
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I shot this big boar yesterday with my DPMS LR-260H. Nah,an AR isn't worth a hoot for hunting!

Ar hunting ? - Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
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This month's F&S claims MSRs [Modern Sport Rifles] (20%) are now

out selling "traditional" hunting rifles (14%) as of 2013 polls.

So I would say "AR hunting" is already a valid and

popular practice, at this point.

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All of the AR's I've owned ( with a free float fore end anyway) are as accurate as most bolt actions. With a little load development and a good optic groups of 3/4" at 100 yards are common. My Bushmaster Varminter with heavy 24" barrel and a 6-18x scope would do 1/2" groups. Most hunting I've done with the Ar has been prairie dogs with the Varminter. I don't consider the .223/5.56mm a big game caliber, but have on occasion shot smaller deer at closer ranges with them and it did the job. I recently bought a Remington R-25 in .243. It comes with a Mossy Oak Treestand camo job. If you are only going to hunt deer, ( or bigger game) an AR in .338 Federal, .308, 7mm-08 or .260 Remington would be better than the smaller calibers, but not as good for varmints. For deer AND varmints, it's hard to beat a .243. Nearly double the energy of a .223, better in the wind and more game bullets available. Very flat shooting and much less recoil than the .308 and larger. I love the .308, I have 2 of them, but don't enjoy shooting varmints with them like the smaller calibers. A pic of the Remington .243, I just put a better scope and higher mount on it than the one in the picture. A Minox 4.5-14x with BDC, under $300 but the glass (made in Wetzlar Germany) blows away my Vortex Viper, Nikon M-308 and Leupold VX-III. I believe that Zeiss and Leica use the same glass from Wetzlar. I compared it to a Zeiss HD 5 that costs 3 times as much and I could not see an appreciable difference. I loaded up some Hornady 87 grain V-MAX to try but the wind has been unbelievable out here in the open plains, 40 to 60 mph the last few days, hard to get good groups to test loads in that kind of wind. The lighter varmint bullets in .243, like the 55 and 58 grain ones can get 3800 fps. and are truly "Varmint grenades", but are pretty stubby in length and lose velocity faster. I went with a heavier longer 87 grain Hornady V-Max, theoretically should be more accurate than the extreme light bullets, and I will use a Nosler 90 grain Accubond for deer and antelope. The two bullets have a similar B.C. and should simplify things not having to learn way different drop values like I'd have to do if I used a 55 grain for varmints and a 105 grain for deer.

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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
A bad shot with a big magnum caliber is the same as a bad shot from a "varmint" round. Put the round in the vitals and deer will drop. The operating issue with any firearm is the monkey yanking the switch.

Eskimo folks use the weak little 5.56 all the time shooting polar bears.... not exactly what I would call a bear round but they do it.
Not exactly, hunting is a game of inches. If you make a clean shot with a 22 LR or a 7mm the deer is going down. The difference is the size of the wound channel. If you shoot a large game animal you are going to have a small wound channel and very little hydrostatic shock. Given you have such a small wound channel there is very little margin for error and you are limited on the shots you can take.

Not every shot is perfect. The woods are full of limbs that will deflect a 5.56 very easily, turning your perfect shot into a marginal or even wild shot. A larger caliber with it's larger wound channel and huge amount of hydrostatic shock will still down the deer. I have seen a bunch deer go down on the spot with a spleen shot from a traditional deer rifle.
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Yup, a little extra can be a bit of insurance, since nobody controls everything in the field.
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