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30-06 in SemiAuto recomendations??

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Originally Posted by Gatoragn View Post
Browning BAR or Benelli R1.

Absolutely!!! The Browning is very ergonomic, sniper accurate, every bit as reliable as a Garand. I've never known anyone that didn't love the BAR.
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Originally Posted by John_Deer View Post
I believe a BAR is slightly more reliable than a modified M-1 Garrand. I have shot the BAR for close to 40 years. They are more reliable than a lot of highly touted weapons. I have to admit all the BARs I have owned are type II that were actually made in Belgium. The newer plastic BAR isn't that bad. I have seen many of them unloaded. I don't recall any problems.

The Remington Woodmaster is a horse of a different color. I have yet to actually see one that would unload without jamming. I have heard people say they own one that functions well but I haven't seen it. At one time I belonged to a hunting club that had over 100 members and owned around 200 deer hounds.

Back when the M1 was easily purchased for $100 a lot of Korean War veterans told me you couldn't give an M1 to them. I took their advice and I never bought one. That is one purchase I have no regret in not making. I regret not buying more AKs much more than I regret not buying an M1.
I have three old woodmasters that cycle fine
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Not semi-auto, but with the oversized knob I put on my Remington 700 and the 10 round magazine, I could empty it pretty fast. I have no opinions on a semi 30-06 cause I have never seen one, but hope you find what your looking for.

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Thanks for the input. I didn't think there would be many semi autos in this caliber which was the reason for my question to begin with.
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Years ago i think it was Savage that made a 30-06 in a lever action that I was very interested in but never pursued. The SEMIAUTO thing was and still is of interest to me.
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I've had a Remington 7400 (woodmaster) for a few years with good results. By no means is it the best option but for the price it has been valuable to me (white tail). I have always heard mixed reports on the Remington semi auto 30.06 rifles.
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Have a BAR, Grade 2, made in Belgium. Reliable, extremely accurate, pricy.
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the BAR is really good, but I have a Woodsmaster in .30-06 and she's a great shooter, I'd use it for bear, if a Garand isn't available. My .02
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Default Semi for Bears?

I have to ask, is this for hunting? whats your particular state's hunting regs for minimum caliber for bear?

Is this for protection?

what type bear you have in mind and in what state?

Where I work (Arctic Northwest Alaska) we are Not allowed to carry semiautos for Bear protection, we are issued Remington police 870 pump shotguns with extended mag tubes (six shot) issued factory Brenneke 1oz rifled slugs, all field personell working in Bear country have a manditory 3 day instructor lead course on Bears and firearms and have to qualify annualy before our supervisor will release us in the field.

No semi autos or handloaded ammo are permitted,
handgun minimum is the .44magnum 300gr or larger,
We have to qualify on the charging bear target (comes bounding at you from 40yards at approx 25MPH) we have to be capable of 2 or more rounds in the vitals zone inside of that 40yard engagement distance.

Minimum rifle is the .35 Whelen 200gr or heaver.
minimum shot gun is 12ga Slugs 1oz minimum

Remember to keep a clean camp
Pay attention to your surroundings
Wind and river noise can mask your presence till its too late
Bears will dig up your cat holes to eat your droppings!
The Outhouse and Porta Pottie tent should should be located well away out in a wide open clearing as furthest away from Vegitation/cover that Bears can hide in the better.
Food preparation and food storage shouldnt be anywhere near your sleeping/rest areas, as far away as your toilet area 100,feet+

Bear Guns are like Four Wheel Drive.
A little common sense goes a Loooong way in avoiding a sticky situation!
Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion

Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion

Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion

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Svt-40 :d :d
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