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okdonk 01-05-2012 11:11 PM

2 Bad Experiences with
Just want to share my twice experiences with

1. A month ago, ordered a DD AR15 rifle from them. A week later i gave them a call to check the status. They said it was backordered and emailed me about it. I said i recevied no email, nothing. I told myself maybe DD is well known brand so it was kinda in high demand. So what the heck, i canceller the order and decided to get one from my local dealer on that day. Ended paying $200 in taxes. I didn't really care the difference as i just wanted to pamper myself before Christmas.

2. Wanted to get another rifle, this time is the CIA Romanian AK47. Ordered from impactguns again on the 12/30. Called them three times until today, they kept saying waiting from the manufacturer and they will ship it by 1/11 the latest. Told myself, "Again???". Cancelled it right away today. And placed the order from budsgunshop. This will be my 2nd purchase from buds. 1st purchase was Glock26, placed the order last tuesday and received the call from my local dealer about the transfer on friday. Well im kinda impressed.
Less than 1 hour i received 3 emails from buds. Emails were order received, processing and shipping. Just like it happened to my Glock. So i'll be expecting it sometimes next tuesday or wednesday. It's still much faster than if i still keep my impactguns order. For about $10-15 difference... Why not??

Maybe it's just me having bad experiences from impactguns. I assume impactguns dont stock items like others. I dont think they have any inventory. Maybe others didn't have the same experiences. Just wanting to share only.

lyodbraun 01-05-2012 11:22 PM

good heads up I have been looking on that site for a while now, guess now I know I would not order from them... Buds is top notch....

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