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TXnorton 10-01-2009 11:22 PM

What BP Guns are You Shooting?
In response to notdku’s request to start more firearms related threads, I offer this one.

The primary goal is to see how many members are actively shooting Black Powder guns on a regular basis, and what guns are they shooting. Now if this encourages others to get their BP rifle, shotgun, or pistol out of the closet and start playing with them again so much the better.

For me BP is a recently acquired addiction. I started with BP cartridges in my .45-70 Sharps replica and then got hooked with a replica Walker Colt. From there it went crazy. Here is what I shoot on a regular basis:

1. Pedersoli Sharps 1874 .45-70 replica exclusively shooting BP cartridges
2. Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken Percussion in .54 caliber
3. Pedersoli Frontier (Cabela’s Blue Ridge) Flintlock in .54 caliber
4. Uberti Walker-Colt .44 cal. Cap and Ball pistol
5. Uberti Model P with a 7-1/2” barrel (replica Colt SAA “Peacemaker”) in .45 Long Colt, exclusively BP cartridges
6. Pedersoli “LePage” single shot dueling Pistol in .44 cal

And there are several more on the "bucket list"!

I shoot all GOEX BP with FFg for the rifles and FFFg in the pistols.

So chime in and let the forum know what kind of BP guns you are shooting.

Gatekeeper 10-02-2009 01:34 AM

Only have one so far.
Its an Austin & Halleck 50cal Flint Mt Rifle. Goex FF 350gr Maxi-Hunters
Shoot it every couple months throughout the year
More frequently in the fall preparing for PA late flintlock season.

Rust Browned 1 in 28twist 32" barrel. Great looking, great shooting. But poor quality and craftsmanship in the lock. Ill fitting frizzen. In short overpriced. No wonder they went under.
Oh well was a BP newb when I bought it.:rolleyes:
Currently looking for a new flint lock.

gloks4life 10-02-2009 02:11 AM

lyman trade rifle in 54 cal. needs reblued but its a shooter,i still use iron sights woohoo!

RL357Mag 10-02-2009 02:16 AM

I use a 1980's vintage CVA .50 cal Frontier Rifle, a 1970's vintage CVA .58 cal. Mountain Rifle, and a 1990's T/C New Englander. Both CVA rifles were kits and both shoot more accurately than any shotgun. The T/C New Englander is a 1:66 twist and therfore only shoots patched RB's accurately, so I have never used it for hunting, as I prefer Lee 325 gr. R.E.A.L. bullets. Up until 2000 I always lived in "shotgun-only" county's, so I never hunted with anything else BUT a black powder rifle since they are allowed during the regular shotgun season. Now I live in a rifle county, but I still buy a muzzleloading stamp every year for the dedicated one week season in mid-december, and always use a BP rifle on my annual Thanksgiving Day hunt.

Hawg 10-02-2009 04:26 AM

Having had most of my pistols stolen I'm down to a CCH 1858 Remington, a .36 Remington pocket, and an older Rigarmi .44 Remington. I also use a Uberti 1873 and a Rossi 92 with bp. A repro 53 Enfield, an original 53 Enfield, custom Hawken .54, original sxs 12 gauge circa 1840, original 1887 Winchester and a Lancaster rabbit eared 12 gauge sxs.

RONSERESURPLUS 10-03-2009 12:44 AM

Back into BP after a Decade or so?
Hello all, RON L here - SERE SURPLUS, yea, after more than a Decade BP free, I am Now shooting a 54 Hawken I got from a member here as well as a Older Brass Frame 36 navy Colt thats it right now and as I said been more than 12 years since I popped a BP cap? Here are some pics of my Guns:

mrm14 10-03-2009 01:59 AM

A brace of 1861 Remington Navy .44 cal. These are replicas (kit) and are alot of fun to shoot. Amazingly accurate for what they are.

dunerunner 10-03-2009 04:36 AM

Lyman Great Plains Rifel 50 cal. The only one I woun, I kind of changed my focus to SHTF weapons.

watssm 10-04-2009 03:22 AM

Old smokepoles
I shoot both a side hammer and an inline. Depends on the weather as to what I take out that morning.
My in line is a Thompson Thunderhawk carbine .54 in stainless and synthetic stock. I shoot 435 gr Maxi Hunters backed with 80 gr Pyrodex P and a No 11 cap. Been using this combo since 1990 but have replaced my sites three times. I'm on Fiber / Tritium sites right now, I'll see how they do this year. I hate the balance on this gun but its light, accurate, and works well in all weather conditions. It has taken 7 elk and 9 mulies over the years so does OK.
My side hammer is a $79 Traditions .54 I mail ordered from Cabellas in the late 80s. Its a damn accurate rifle, I shoot the same combo as the inline except I shoot the Pyrodex at 100 gr and I use R/S. It has been known to hang fire in the cold so I pull the nipple in the morning and back load it with P before I head out. This crappy little gun has really made some amazing shots on game. Took my first BP elk with it.
I should note my hunting partner shoots a .54 Limon side hammer with a 220 gr patched round ball in front of 80 gr black powder and groups just as well as I do at 100 yds. He does have to clean a lot more often than I do but old school loads seem to be just as accurate as the newer loads.

Patrick Sperry 10-09-2009 12:56 AM

Okay, I'm new here
I shot a TC Renegade for years. A kit gun in 54 Cal. Four Bulls, and two cows dropped in their tracks to it.

Then bad things happened. I won't go into all that.

Now, I shoot a Lyman 54 Cal Deerstalker. Yes, not as much "class." But one could do much worse than going with the Lyman. Even when times are not so tough.

Here's my "pet" load for that rifle. Ninety grains, slightly over, just a touch, of Pyrodex RS, an Uncle Mikes # 11's cap, and a 405 grain Powerbelt.

Think that's to heavy a round? My answer is to learn to hunt. Learn to get that close. Even? In ORANGE!

Three shots, two Elk, and one doe. They all just plain dropped.

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