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shotgundouble16 10-13-2007 09:41 PM

Trash or Treasure ?
I'm usually not much into muzzle loading, but came across one at a garage sale that I couldn't pass up. Top of barrel is marked RICKETS over MANSFIELD, O., no other identifying marks that I could find. Barrel is octagonal, 35 7/8 long, 1 1/32" across the flats and has a hexagonal bore that mics .356 across the flats. It has brass butt plate and trigger guard. Half stock and set triggers. It's kinda rusty but still a beautiful old rifle. Any one have any info ? Thanks

rickrem700 10-14-2007 09:18 AM

Trash or treasure
I know John Ricketts was a renound gunsmith that built muzzle loaders in Mansfield Ohio, with a little diging on Gooooogle you may be able to learn more about your muzzle loader, his date of birth was 1817 to 1895 so I would say you more than likly have scored an old school muzzle loader that may be worth a few bucks, congradulations on your find, Do not try and clean it up until you know if it's antique or not, as you will take away from it's value, and do keep us posted on what you find out! Hope this helps.

shotgundouble16 10-14-2007 05:12 PM

Trash or Treasure
Thanks Rick, it definately is old, not a reproduction. I paid $300 for it and a 1863 Springfield, guess I didn't get hurt too bad

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