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CulexPipiens 08-25-2011 02:40 PM

Thompson 50 Cal - Octagon barrel
My grandfather had a large (50+) firearm collection. He passed away about 25 years ago and the relatives sold off most of it at that time. I just recently found out there were a few left and have been able to acquire them. I had no idea what was there but found some surprises when I got them.

The one relevant to this forum is a Thompson Center Arms 50 Caliber muzzle loading rifle with an octagon barrel. I was told that my grandfather called it a "Buffalo gun". No idea if this is just a nick name he used or possibly what it was originally sold as.

It looks to be in very good condition. No apparent rust anywhere.

Any idea what something like this might be worth?

hiwall 08-25-2011 05:27 PM

Pictures ! ! !
Does it have brass furniture on it?
On this it don't matter much if its a T/C then about $150 to $300 or so

CulexPipiens 08-25-2011 05:35 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here are a few, all the ones I took aren't great but I'll get better ones when I get home tonight.

Attachment 32237

Attachment 32238

Attachment 32239

Click for larger.

orangello 08-25-2011 06:34 PM

Nice! I bleve the flintlocks command a bit of a premium over the caplock rifles.

You could check some auction sites for comparison; gunbroker always seems high to me, but....

hiwall 08-25-2011 07:55 PM

"Nice! I believe the flintlocks command a bit of a premium over the caplock rifles."
orangello is correct. Would be at the high end of my estimate for this Hawken rifle.

c3shooter 08-25-2011 07:58 PM

Nice flinter- and the T/Cs are very well built guns. These ARE modern manufacture, and not antiques, but they shoot very well.

Sniper03 08-25-2011 08:08 PM

This is a modern Thompson 50 Cal. Flintlock. For example if you were to buy a new one at retail they will run from around $750 and $799 at Gander Mountain. It is a very nice rifle. I have one only in the Percussion Cap Model.
Sounds like you inherited some nice pieces!

CulexPipiens 08-26-2011 03:43 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Got some better pics now.

Attachment 32263

Attachment 32260

Attachment 32259

Attachment 32261

Attachment 32262

CulexPipiens 08-26-2011 03:44 AM

3 Attachment(s)
And a few more...

Attachment 32264

Attachment 32266

Attachment 32265

onetohunt 08-26-2011 03:54 AM

Nice looking flinter!!

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