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Beaumont 12-29-2007 08:06 AM

Remington new model 1858, 44
Hello to you all

Just bought a original remington new model, for my collection. But first i wanna try it on the shooting range. Cane someone tell me what is the right size of balls i must juse? 0,454" or 0,457" ??
Is there anyone that nows where i cane find, information about this revolver on the internet or a good book?


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PRM 12-30-2007 04:10 PM

Remington 44 Army
Dixie Gun Works recommends a .451 ball on their reproduction Remington 44. This will shave a small ring of lead and provide a good seal. You will still need to put grease on the top of the ball to prevent a chain fire or better yet, use 44 cal wonder wads between the ball and powder (not as messy and just as good). The larger balls will load harder because you are shaving more lead as you load the chamber. If you have an original, I would call Dixie and ask what they recommend. They have a great tech staff. 1-731-885-0700

deerhuntguy 01-10-2008 10:01 PM

IF it a gen-you-wine original, it will use a .457 round ball. Reproductions use the smaller .451.

Use 30 grains of FFFg or Pyrodex "P" behind the ball or conical. Do NOT use a patch or Wonder Wad! Patches have a bad habit of leaving themselves in the forcing cone, (as with modern revolvers, the barrel bore is smaller than the ball or bullet) and Wonder Patches are known for seperating from the ball, leaving a gap between the ball and powder. As one of the other folks said, the proper size ball when loaded will be shaved a little bit when rammed into the cylinder. This does seal the front of the cylinder, preventing cross-fire. It also will not hurt to put a bit of patch lube or revolver grease over the chamber mouths BEFORE placing the caps on. UNCOOKED Cream of Wheat cereal also works quite well for this. The nipples are interchangeable with modern made, and will use either a number 10 (most common size needed for them, and thus the hardest size to find) or number 11

Dixie's catalog is highly recommended, it has all information you need to determine if what you have is an original or an artificially aged reproduction, Serial number location and range, barrel script, proof marks and their location, Military Inspector marks and charteuses (if any) so on. (The also have a list of who the inspectors were, and what marks they used. Each inspector had an exclusive mark.)

Faked "antique" Remington 1858's are a problem, although not as frequent as some of the Colt open tops and the rare Confederate arms like the LeMat, (if you find an "original" LeMat for sale, it is either a reproduction OR one of the FIVE known (as of 1992) originals, stolen from a museum (two of the five known are in the West Point Armory Museum) and some of the Confederate brass framed jobs.

PRM 01-27-2008 12:28 AM

Wonder Wads
Curious about your post. What model/type have you had the problems with on the wads? I've been using them in 2nd Generation Colt Navies for about 17 years with no problem. Only problem I have ever encountered is an occasional percussion cap coming off. You would think after all the years they have been making them someone would come up with a pre-crimped cap.

TnRebel 04-01-2008 01:36 AM

454 for a good seal ring

fluffo63 04-06-2008 01:10 AM

.I would Liston to Deerhuntguy,he knows whats going on..:D

Windriverbob 04-17-2008 07:07 PM

If it was my revolver I would mic the chambers and see what their inside dia. is. Use a ball a thousandth or so over dia. to shave a little lead. I shoot a Navy Arms full size replica of the Remington. It even has the gain twist barrel that the original had. I use 25 grs. of Swiss 3F Black Powder, a .44 cal Wonder Wad over the powder and a 230 gr. Conical Bullet from a Lee mold made for the Ruger Old Army Black Powder Revolver. That loads works real well for me. It also works pretty good for a round ball also(.457 dia.) I size the conicals .457 dia and lube with SPG. They are a press fit but do not shave any lead in my revolver. Micing the chambers is the thing to do so you know what your dealing with. Good shooting.

oldfogey4ever 01-03-2016 11:50 PM

If it's original, you might be surprised at the bore (might mic at @.461). 'Course, the chamber being conical in nature almost any size ball bigger .454 probably be fine. Look to your barrel's forcing cone, however (never know if some folks decided to shoot jacketed rounds outta it rather than buy soft lead bullets, thus cobbing accuracy from the git-go).

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