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dragunovsks 02-16-2009 01:05 AM

muzzleloader help
I was recently given a Traditions .50 cal. muzzleloader as part of a loan repayment. I cleaned it up bought a new breach plug and nipple but as far as neccesary supplies associated with shooting it and keeping it clean I'm lost. I plan on using it for deer hunting.

It has no scope or iron sights so some kind of sighting system is needed.
What kind of bullets are the best?
What about powder?

stalkingbear 02-20-2009 09:12 PM

it sounds like you have an inline. Traditions aren't considered expensive muzzleloaders. What you'll need are scope bases, rings, and a scope to sight with.

As far as shooting it, you'll need powder (FF loose is my choice), I use Jim Shockey Gold. 90-100 grains will be plenty to start with. Primers or caps, depending on which it takes. And bullets. You may choose conical bullets or sabots. Most people use sabots with inlines. Now you'll need patches to clean it with, using hot soapy water. Be SURE to coat the bore with rust preventive after cleaning. The BEST thing to do would be to hook up with a buddy that shoots muzzleloaders or buy a manual.

dragunovsks 02-21-2009 03:19 AM

Thanx stalkingbear, I know a guy that works at the local funshop that I was instructed to talk to as he is the resident muzzleloader guy but he hasn't been in for weeks, think he's on holiday.:confused:

Your suggested items will get me started, thanx again neighbor.:)

c3shooter 02-21-2009 01:42 PM

Traditions Performance Firearms: Muzzleloaders, Shot Guns and Accessories contact the maker, ask for (or download) a users manual.

Besides powder (loose black, Pyrodex, or pellets) bullets and/or sabots, you will need primers- if yours is a 209 shotshell primer type, there is a 209 just for muzzleloaders. a bullet starter, and a bullet puller for the "Aw CRAP) moments.

Cleanup with hot soapy water. NEVER use smokeless powder in an arm not designed for smokeless, NEVER fire without the bullet seated fully against the powder charge. that way lies death and destruction.

dragunovsks 02-21-2009 02:52 PM

Thanx c3, I found the schematics for mine and I'll download and print later. Mine is a BuckHunter Pro-Inline .50 cal.

stalkingbear 02-21-2009 03:17 PM

Always glad to help! The reason I was so generic is because of all the personal choices. Feel free to PM me or email me if you want for more detailed info. Neil

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