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bigbomar4 03-25-2013 02:31 AM

Good deal?
My dad got a used CVA Wolf BP rifle this weekend. From the pic I got it looks almost new. I has a scope(I dont know what kind) and came with a hard plastic case, all of the cleaning and loading stuff, and some ammo and powder. He payed $150 for it. I know that not knowing the exact condition or the type of scope will make this kinda hard but thanks for any help. I think he got a steal on it but then again I know nothing about BP guns.

towboater 03-25-2013 02:38 AM

Sounds like a great deal.

farmallcrew 03-27-2013 10:00 PM

Yes that's right in where they are priced. And with a few extras makes it even sweeter. He got a deal.

drboompa 03-28-2013 02:10 PM

buying all the goodies to make a BP go bang can add up to over a $100.00. I know! I would say you got a good deal.

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