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shadecorp 04-26-2010 03:04 AM

E.M.F. 1858 Remington
Any one have an opion on the E.M.F. 1858 Remington ???
Blue, Steel.
Was offered a new one.
Haven't discussed price yet.
Have a few B/P guns,
so I know what I am getting into.
Thanks for any info.

bprevolver 04-26-2010 04:48 PM

EMF Remington
Need more info to help. What is the date code on the revolver? Do you see any markings under the loading lever? EMF use both Armi San Marco and Pietta for their revolvers. Need to know year to help determine which.

shadecorp 04-26-2010 10:36 PM

Thanks for the reply.
Haven't finalized the deal yet.
it is, Manufactured by F.LLI Pietta.
Should be new.
I guess it is still in Italy.
Due to that volcano.

bprevolver 04-28-2010 05:10 PM

Pietta Remington New Model Army
There are only three manufacturers left in the mass production market for the Remington New Model Army. They are Pietta, Uberti, and Euroarms. The Piettas are essentially the same regardless of who distributes them, i.e. Cabala's, Traditions, Dixie Gun Works, EMF, Taylor & Co., etc. Pietta no longer marks their guns with any markings other than their own. The same is true of Uberti, with the exception of Cimarron Arms.

There are high dollar replicas available in the Remington New Model Army used mostly in competition. These include Pedersoli, Feinwerkbau, and a new company, Artax, who announced the addition of the Remington to their line.

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