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mountainman13 04-23-2012 04:06 PM

civil war era ballistics.
Anyone know where I could get my hands on a breakdown of relative ballistics for typical civil war era guns? I need to do a comparison to pre civil war era arms. My club is in turmoil over a number of subjects. The argument I'm focusing on at the moment is whether the steel plates we use for earlier bp guns would stand up to cartridge fired bp guns. Some of our members would like to expand our era to open up for new members. The argument is that our targets and back stops would need to be completely re-done making it too costly an option. I don't believe this is true but need some hard evidence.

mountainman13 04-23-2012 04:48 PM

According to what I have found in comparing a M1855 shooting a 510g Burton minie over 60 grns with a mv of 914 fps to a .69 cal smoothbore 412g rb over 110 grns with mv 1500 fps.
I get 1050.45 fpe compared to 2058.90 fpe. I wouldn't be loading 110 grns but with double the energy I'm thinking the difference is negligible.
Any input?

c3shooter 04-23-2012 07:38 PM

CARTRIDGE arms during the American Civil War were pretty much Burnsides, externally primed Sharps, 44 Henrys and .52 Spencers. Throw in a few Black powder 22s, 32s, 38s, maybe a very scarce 41/44/45.

In general, the cartridge arms had smaller powder loads than a .69 caliber rifle, and would have significantly less energy than a pre-war arm. Of course, the definitive answer would be reached by taking a steel target, and shooting it. Examine after shooting.

What the heck are you guys planning to shoot?

mountainman13 04-23-2012 08:08 PM

Steel targets that have held up fine to even the brown bess. Between what I've come up with and your input it would seem the argument is moot. The targets are fine for civil war era guns. We have (among other issues at the moment) a divide between those who feel we are strictly a pre-1840 group (but allow inlines) and those of us who believe black powder is black powder and that we either open up to those interested in civil war arms (which would bring in new members) or we stay as we are and no longer allow inlines. Problem is interest is dwindling and our ventures are either costing money or at best breaking even lately. The old timers are opposed to change and I fear our group may die with them if we don't change with the times.

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