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HM2Grunt 05-21-2013 04:45 PM

bullet lube
I have just acquired an 1884 Springfield 45-70 trap door. I think it one of the top ten fun things I can do with my clothes on. I traded off my Mosin sniper because hitting the mark got to be too routine, and I wanted to try something else. I am casting my own bullets. Have not seen enough results to see if I want to shoot an alloy or pure lead. Right now I need some advice on the right lube for use with black powder. I have chosen black powder instead of smokeless. Have read posts about the use of both, but have chosen black because I like my rifle like it is, in one piece. The lubes that I have on hand are; T17 Natural lube, and SAECO Green. The T17 is too soft, liquifying from body temp. Seems this lube would be better if it were thicker and I could load the grooves up with, instead of just making a slimey bullet. I pan dip the bullets in the SAECO Green, and will try them today. Do any of you who shoot black powder cartridges have any other lubes in mind that will be stiffer, and keep the black powder fouling soft?

Hawg 05-22-2013 11:14 PM

You don't want to use petroleum based lubes with bp unless you really enjoy scrubbing the bore out. A mixture of beeswax and Crisco and/or olive oil works well.

towboater 05-24-2013 04:28 AM

Yep, what Hawg said.

nitestalker 05-24-2013 05:10 AM

I shoot the Sharps long range targets. My rifle is a .45-110 Gemmer Sharps with a Lothar Walther tapered progressive twist barrel. I shoot a 20-1 lead to tin 535 grs. Postell bullet over a .060" Vegie Wad and 105 grs. of Goex 2F Express a Federal Gold Match 215 primer. This is my 600 yard load.
There is only one good Black Powder Lube for accurate shooting. SPG Lube is the first choice. You will need a "Blow Tube" for extended target shooting. Make sure you keep the brass trimmed to length. These thin straight wall cases grow very fast. Dump your fired brass in soapy water after firing. Good luck.

HankStone 05-26-2013 08:45 PM

I mix a can of Crisco,some toilet bowl sealing wax/a brick of bees wax,makes a darn good bullet lube.

trip286 05-26-2013 08:51 PM

Nitestalker, what is progressive twist? I've heard this term before, and it sounds like the twist gets "faster" along the length of the barrel. Is that right?

If so, what's the benefit exactly?

c3shooter 05-26-2013 10:45 PM

Progressive, or "Gain Twist" rifling increases the rate of spin as you move from breech to muzzle. Early Colt revolvers and Italian Carcano rifles were two that used it intentionally.

There is a SLIGHT difference on most firearms due to machining of rifling- best barrels are oriented to have highest rate at muzzle.

nitestalker 05-28-2013 05:18 PM

What C3 said. Most modern as well as early progressive twist were "Chocked" as well. My modern barrel .45 Caliber has a throat dimension of .458 [paper patch] chamber and a muzzle dimension of .456. This 1-16 twist is needed to stabilize the long 535 gr. Postell cast bullet. SPG lube has a proven record for scores in black powder shooting. :)

musketshooter 05-28-2013 11:10 PM

I have been a 50 year trapdoor shooter. THe best bullet lube for lead in TDs is a mixture of yellow bee's wax and olive oil. Heat and mix in a pan and make the consistency you find will work. Do not use any lube containing parafin. You need to slug the bore to get the correct bullet. It realy mattters on trapdoors.

nitestalker 05-29-2013 03:12 AM

Cast bullets diameters to bore matter in any firearm. The Postell 535 gr. bullet is the gold standard for checking accuracy in the .45-70 thru the .45-120. This bullet carries a load of lube down the bore. Shooting clean powder like Swiss 1 1/2 or Goex 2F Express Grade and a proven soft lube over veggie wads can really get the most from a rifle. Paper patch will require wipping between shots. A "Greased" bullet can work well with 3 puffs thru your Blow tube. :)

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