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KAB 01-17-2012 12:48 PM

1873 Model P's , Reproduction Cap and Ball
These 1873 Model P Colt reproductions were never made back in 1873 but are some fun guns in Cap and Ball today . Both Pietta and Uberti make these , with Uberti's beeing quite a bit finer in finish , but Piettas version is no slouch either . Ubertis version is justifiably higher priced too by nearly $100 more than Piettas , roughly $450 for the Uberti and $350 for Piettas . If you already have all the cap guns you need or want , then try one of these out if you ever get a chance . Nothing sounds like a Colt Model P but a Colt Model P . The cylinder spin noise and cocking noise are unmistakable , and these Reproductions are no different , smooth and fine indeed . Both revolvers are in .44 and take .454 lead , technically a true .45 Peacemaker , not .44 ......Both revolvers sport Custom Grips and have action tunes . Some would ask why pay so much for a cap and ball reproduction of the Model P Colt when you can buy a Model P Colt , and I say , WHY NOT ! Especially if you already own modern cartridge Model P's :D

towboater 01-21-2012 08:53 PM

Sure are purdy ones Kelly. Do they require ffl?

Durangokid 01-21-2012 09:25 PM

These are made for Cowboy shooters in countries where Ctg. handguns are banned. Nice looking 6 guns. You would have to drop the cylinder and use a bench ball press to load it.:)

KAB 01-21-2012 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by towboater (Post 684438)
Sure are purdy ones Kelly. Do they require ffl?

No Towboater , no FFL required , and as Durangokid pointed out they orginated for shooters in other country's where the gun grabbers grabbed guns , and now thats all they can get if they want to shoot a Model "P" .
But they became popular here in the USA too, and have been around a long time , especially Ubertis Copy . Its new for Pietta though , and they did a real nice job on thier copy too , if you can live with writing on the barrel ?
I notice now that Dixie Gun Works is out of the Pietta and they dont carry Uberti P models anywayz, so looks like Taylors is one of the only suppliers now and thiers are the Ubertis at $470 :eek: But they are worth it , especially if your into something unique and fun to shoot . They are a hoot and get alot of attention at the Range when other folks see the pile of smoke and flame come out of one, LOL :D

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