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KAB 01-25-2012 12:12 AM

1857 Smith Artillary Carbine , Pietta , Pics
This is the Current 2011 Civil War Smith Carbine Reproduction from Pietta .
The rifle was used extensively in the Civil War and was carried into the migration West with the Settlers also . Rifle is circa 1857 .
The rifle is .50 Caliber , but technically it takes a .522 sized down to .518 in mine , bullet is 360 grains . Original cast bullets for the Smith were 280 gr. and measure .515 , but I find these sloppy in the cases , so I use swagged bullets sized to fit my Smith Cases . Cases come in three configurations as you will see in the photos , Brass Target case , alluminim full high power load , and the rubber/plastic cases . I find the brass and alloy cases to be the best as long as you lube the entire cartridge prior to inserting them in the chamber . I use a small bench top arbor press to seat my bullets into the cases . Brass case takes between 35 and 40 gr. BP slightly compressed , Alloy can take up to 50 gr. BP slightly compressed , and the rubber/plastic cases can take no more than 40 gr. BP and will rupture if you overload them . I stick stricktly to the metal cases . I guess you could call this a 50/50 Black Powder Rifle , 50 grains BP in a .50 Barrel . With a .360 gr. Bullet , this rifle will knock you on your A$$ if your on the recieving end for sure , and makes a handy little carbine Deer Rifle .
This rifle is the example of Transitional Rifles just prior to self contained cartridge guns like the Sharps and Spencers . There is a tiny hole in the base of the cartridge case and is set off by the external Musket Cap the Smith uses , per shot . Very neet little carbine , very accurate , very expensive at $875 , but is extremely beautiful and fit and finish are near flawless as you can see on my example . Well worth the money in my opinion for such a cool Rifle . It comes in beautiful Walnut and the Color Case Hardening and blueing are flawless and beautiful too . It also comes with Ladder Style rear sight with nice german silver blade set in a nice dovetailed steel base front sight , very classy set-up . Guys and Gals that are fond of break-open Shotguns will LOVE this rifle , shoot , shuck , and load , over and over and over , its quite fast to get many shots in one minute with her . There is little surprise how many soldiers were killed by the Smith Carbines in the Civil War , this gun was state of the art fast for back then , and even now its quick with me behind it , LOL , hee hee hee .

Enjoy the Pictures :


KAB 01-25-2012 01:35 AM

By the way , I noticed they are currently on sale at Dixie Gun Works for less than I paid last year , go figure ! :D
Dang Murphey and his Law anywayz !

towboater 01-25-2012 02:04 AM

Wow. Very cool rifle. I never heard of em before. Thanks for posting.

KAB 01-25-2012 02:15 AM

Someones gotta do it besides us two , LORDY

Originally Posted by towboater (Post 688507)
Wow. Very cool rifle. I never heard of em before. Thanks for posting.

Thanks Kentucky Boy , told ya you NEEEEEEEED one too :D
I guess all the guys and gals that shoot up the CASS and SASS shoots have mostly switched over to the Smith from the Sharps for eaze of loading , light recoil and fast follow up shots , for sure . ;)
I just happeend to run accross an article in a magazine years ago from Navy Arms when Val Forgett' started having them built again , and that's how I found out about um , always wanted one , and my dream came true even if I kicked and screamed over the price :cool: Till I got one and now I understand how nice they are made and got no problems with the price ;)
I wish you lived closer Towboater , we could have quite the shootout with all we got in the collections , yours growing constantly now , LOL . But it would be a real hoot no less .
I sure wish this forum would kick it up a notch on the BP Muzzloader part of it, but seams everyone is into black rifles and 1911's . Alot of learkers here and not many posters ? Hope that changes, I am trying my hardest to get things rollin here regardless , hope it inspires someone into posting something ! LOL

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