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HM2Grunt 08-04-2013 03:20 AM

1855 or 1873
Does anybody out there have an original .58 cal US civil war Musket? I just bought a bayonet for my 1884 Springfield trap door. It was presented as an 1873. The '73 came in two types, and the 2nd type was made of 1855 bayonets with the socket made smaller for the 84's .45 cal barrel. My bayonet is a very loose and sloppy fit. What is the outside diameter of a Springfield-made .58 cal. rifle-musket? The inside diameter of my bayonet is .780, and the outside diameter of the Springfield '84 is .735.

Also, while I have your attention; I have a Harpers Ferry 1842 .69 cal smooth bore musket. I have no information at all which side it fought on. There are at least four sets of initials carved into the stock. Assuming,(but not really having anyway to know) that these initials are original, does anybody have a feeling of which, Yankee or Rebel, was more likely to have carved initials on firearms. There are no unit markings noted. All other marks are the usual proof and inspector's marks. (It really does well with "buck and ball")

musketshooter 08-05-2013 09:50 PM

The barrel diameter of the original M1864 is .771. Your M42 could have been used on either side.

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