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banjoGSD 06-21-2013 05:36 AM

Winchester Model 52, but which one?
I have a Winchester Model 52, bull barrel, redfield peeps and the two screws for trigger pull and overpull(that right?). The bolt has "Property of US Government" on the bottom of it. I think it's a C model, not sure. Mainly want to know the model so I can get all the hardware thats correct for it. Shoots great, run subsonics through it and it's a single hole gun off the bags. I've noticed that supersonic rounds tend to wobble some as they drop down through the sound barrier on their way to the target. It's quiet and slow going so it does not chew thru rounds.

Anyone know of a good website to visit to nail down the rifle's past and what exactly I have here? Also, the crown is a bit chewed up, I guess someone got a little frisky with a cleaning rod, I was worried it would bork up the accuracy but it seems to not be the case. Am I best leaving sleeping dogs lie or should I have a smith see what can be done?

Sniper03 06-22-2013 02:39 PM


A Winchester Model 52!

WOW! What Model is it?

We shot the Winchester 52-D Model on the Army Rifle Team during winter practice. The old target with ten bullseye targets on them. One shot each! (Center Bull!) The 52-Ds had the Redfield Sights on them with the interchangeable inserts. I loved that rifle and wish I had one of my own. Maybe someday!!! They also had the Redfield Sights on them with the interchangeable inserts. The competition Team Rifles were the NM M-14s.
Send us some pictures! Looking forward to seeing it! Also have you checked out Gun Parts Inc? (Numrich Arms.) Or any of the forums that specialize in this area?


natman 06-23-2013 05:45 PM

Winchester usually put a letter after the serial number. This will show the model number of the receiver, although other parts changed both during and overlapping receiver changes.

Read this article and it will help clear things up.

For more info, try the Winchester 52 subforum at

banjoGSD 06-24-2013 12:43 PM

I loaned it to a buddy so he could snipe some squirrels nice and quietly. I'll have a look at the serial when I get it back. I have a pic or two of it on my HDD somewhere.....

Okay, looking at my pics from god knows when, seems the US PROPERTY is engraved on the receiver rather than the bolt and in the shot I see a "C" at the end of the serial. Nice. So it's a C model.

The back peep is an adjustable iris I picked up to help with the different inserts for the front hood. I have a box of about 8 different inserts, some mimic the shape of specific targets, tho my fave is just a thin circle with little legs at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. It's a great shooting rifle. It's slow and thus easy on the pocketbook.

Please forgive the rust, these were taken shortly after purchase. I snagged this particular rifle at a pawn shop for peanuts. Since then I have cleaned it up and tidied up the stock a good bit. I got the pawn shop owner to knock 500 off the price because the crown was jacked up, I stole this thing really.

banjoGSD 07-10-2013 03:37 AM

Alright, been plinking some with the 52 and have decided that even tho I can still cut a single hole the size of my pinky nail at 25 yards, my aging eyes are keeping me from really utilizing this rigs insane accuracy. That means I'm going to slap some glass on top of the rifle. I was able to pop 12 gauge shells(expended of course) off the top of a post at 25 yards about 8 out of ten times. I missed because I could not really see the things all that well, when the sun glinted off the end I could get them easily. Knocked the primer out of one clean too, that felt gooooood.

So, what's a good scope for 25 yards or so? I'm familiar with Nikon in terms of optics, as well as Leica and Wilde(surveyor). Leica is just out of my comfort zone as to price, so is Wilde...if they even make a rifle scope. Nikon seems to have some fairly reasonable prices on the entry models. US Optics ST10 would be dreamy, but again I'd rather buy 1000 bux worth of ammo AND have a scope to send the aforementioned ammo downrange.

I want fixed power, better light transmission and less to get messed up (Keep it simple stupid is what I live by). Said power would be 4-6x I guess. Enough to pick stuff up clearly but not make it jump around much when my heart beats. Zero eye relief, the rifle hardly moves when it fires, 13 pounds and subsonic rounds does not make for any recoil, like none at all. I shoot it with the rear peep rubber guard touching my eyebrow. A simple, clear and VERY VERY fine reticle would be preferred. The rifle is capable of a single hole at 50 feet, I've done it before(back when my eyeballs were in better shape), so I'd like a reticle that masks as little as possible.

Price, would prefer under 200 dollars. Will stretch to 400 if that includes an option to have parallax adjustment. Dunno if that's something only adjustable power scopes have or not. I'm sorta kinda new to magnification optics on rifles, all I have really used(on my guns) is either iron, peep or red-dot non-mag type sights.

This scope will be for plinking and horsing around with. Tossing out a bunch of fun stuff to shoot at and blasting away. It'll also be used to do the "lookit that group!" game with friends. Not hunting, not competition(except with friends sorta thing) but just something that will help my old eyes unlock the extreme potential of the rifle.

Oh, here is a bit of porn too. Was out today with friends shooting. My 52 met a close relative, A Remington 40-X (bottom). I like the Remington, shoots great, it's better than me and shows when I bork a shot. However, the Winny has a sweeter trigger, it's like a microswitch. Think about firing and it's already dropped the hammer for you.

big shrek 07-13-2013 02:55 AM

Sounds like it might be time for Laser Eye Surgery...gets your vision back to decent levels FAST.
Worked wonders for my mom :)

banjoGSD 08-01-2013 09:47 AM

I ordered up the bits and baubles to glass up the 52.
Optics are a Nikon Prostaff EFR 3x9 40mm A/O.
Mount is an Evolution Gun Works custom 52 Tac rail.
Ought to have it up and running buy friday, I'll post pics when the deed is done.

banjoGSD 08-03-2013 07:12 PM

That target is at 50 yards with Blazer ammo. Not the good stuff, this rifle likes subsonics and I have a brick on the way. I had one box and sighted in at 25 yards. 10 rounds in a hole you *might* could get a pencil through. It's a laser, the rifle is full well capable of same hole all day long. I had a guy in the lane next to me shooting some crazy big bore(if I had to guess it was a .300 Win Mag). It was making me wiggle some. When the kids showed up with shotguns and were waving them around loaded I packed up and jetted.

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