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ckirby 01-22-2010 01:09 AM

Winchester 255 takedown?
Does anyone have instructions for disassembly of a Winchester 255? My dad gave me his old one and it's been laying around gathering dust for years. It needs a good cleaning.

c3shooter 01-23-2010 03:00 AM

Owners Manuals -- Winchester Repeating Arms

ckirby 01-23-2010 03:54 AM

Thanks, but I started there and they don't have one for the 255 that I can find. Not sure what it is with this gun but it seems to be difficult to find any info on.

Highpower 01-23-2010 01:56 PM

That's going to be a tough one. :(

Best I could find was an exploded drawing, but zilch on instructions.
Best advice I could offer would be to ask the folks over at

Good luck.

ckirby 01-23-2010 04:13 PM

Thanks for your help. Dunerunner found it for me here

shadowthorn21 03-10-2010 08:47 PM

Looking to buy a winchester model 255. My grandpa had one a long time ago and used to shoot it with me. Would you be interested in selling yours or know of where I could pick one up from. Would appreciate any help.

Jon T

ckirby 03-12-2010 01:47 AM

Sorry Jon, The gun was my dad's and I won't ever part with it. It will be passed down. The only one I have ever seen to be honest is this one. They didn't make them for very long and they weren't very popular I don't think. Good luck finding one.

shadowthorn21 03-12-2010 12:37 PM

Thanks Buddy, and I completely understand the attachment. I have a Marlin 444 passed down from my late late grandfather to my dad to me that will have to be pried from my cold....well, you know the rest. I appreciate the reply and wish the best to you.


SteveK 09-05-2010 03:02 AM

This may sound crazy but what I do is check my local Library and see if they have any manuals, I found one for 22 rimfire from gun digest by J,B. Woods. Maybe your rifle is in there.

ShotgunKelly 09-27-2010 02:12 AM

Need help w/ my Winchester 255
just signed up to this forum, actually found it searching for info on my Mod 255. Anyway, does anyone know where to find or get owners manuals that are no longer offered from the manufactuer? I have tried to contact Winchester and they couldnt help, I tried the library like SteveK mentioned and no luck there either. I saw the YouTube video ckirby posted and that was cool but not that informational. I just bought the gun at a local auction and got a good deal on it judging by the prices I have seen listed on Gunbroker and USAguns, but pretty much I think I bought a really nice mantel piece. "It dont go bang.", as my beloved granfather so gracefully put it. I cant figure it out, i have taken it apart several times and still nothing. It cycles like its supposed to, but the trigger will not pull when the lever is closed. It almost feels like the safety is on, but its the same either way. If anyone knows anything, please help. Thanks.
Oh yeah, I also looked at Numrich Gun Parts to see if they had a exploded view, and they dont.

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