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fluffo63 01-31-2008 09:37 PM

Whats it worth??????
..Remington model 512???good clean original 22 bolt-action??? sure is a tack-driver..LOL:D

fluffo63 02-01-2008 11:13 PM

..question??????does nobody here know what a Remington 512 IS????????
im i just a old-feller???:confused:

pioneer461 02-05-2008 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by fluffo63 (Post 15394)
..question??????does nobody here know what a Remington 512 IS???????? im i just a old-feller???:confused:

I know what one is, I just have no idea what it's worth. Is there a Remington collector website you can to to?

fluffo63 02-07-2008 10:09 PM

..thanks pioneer,,i have two boys in active duty in Iraq front line,
thanks for all of your active duty my friend..:D

Righteous 02-07-2008 11:13 PM

its worth about $200 in mint cond. for a gun thats about 50% its about $75

gunsmokeer 03-17-2008 06:32 AM

Does it have a serial number? I know they weren't required on .22 rifles before 1968, and all of these Remington 512s were made from 1940-1967.
But if there was a way of establishing what year it was made, that might impact the value. Anything made before WWII would be worth quite a bit more than one made after, and if it was made in the 1960s it would probably be worth as much as a "shooter" as a "collector's item."

c3shooter 04-20-2008 04:37 AM

Remington's will have a date code (letters) on the barrel, left side, about half inch in front of where barrel joins reciever. Run Google serach for remington date of manufacture, will pull up the letter codes, and you can tell year and month your rifle was made.

bogey 04-21-2008 09:59 PM

Rem. 512
Guess it would really have to be a cherry to be worth a whole lot; have one(first gun) I have had for aabout 62 years; still a shooter but a collector???? I doubt it.

cpttango30 04-22-2008 12:29 PM

most of the 5teen series remingtons (510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 521) are going for about $200 to $300 right now. There has been a big surge in the old Remington and Mossberg rifles. Some models will bring more money like the 513-T US will bring more than a 511-X. As more and more people figure out that for $300 they can get a great looking rifle that will out shoot many of the $500 22lr on the market today.

I have 2 a 511x and a 511/513 mashup. They are both tack drivers and will shoot right around 1/2" 5 shot 50 yard groups all day anyday. They are well ballanced rifles that offer so much to a shooter.

Check out there are some hardcore Remmy 5teen fans over there. They have a sticky on the top of the remington forum with all the date codes.

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