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Cheapshot 04-21-2010 01:22 AM

Whats it worth
Hey guys.
i am thinking about buying a used Marlin model 60 22 cal rifle this is a older gun with the plan stock on it. need a good cleaning but it shoots good as is. what would be a good price to pay for this gun. I am thinking 75.00-100.00 bucks but i may be way off. :confused:

General-Logic 04-21-2010 01:40 AM

I would buy a Marlin 60 at $100 all day long. Do it.

DrumJunkie 04-21-2010 01:44 AM

If it's in good shape I'd give 100 on one. I've got one as cheap as 60 bucks once. I see them all the time around 1oo bucks.

General-Logic 04-21-2010 01:46 AM

Yep. Cheap and reliable and easy to work on. They are hovering around $120 here abouts. I've paid as little as $60 too. Great little rifles.

canebrake 04-21-2010 02:00 AM

I bought mine new for $39.

But that was in 1967.

The Marlin 60 is a great little gun with outstanding lines and will be the best $100 bucks you will spend on firearms!

Cheapshot 04-21-2010 02:06 AM

Thanks for the faaasssstttt replys guy. I am going to meet up with the guy one night this week. Just wanted to make sure i was not paying to much for it.

big shrek 04-21-2010 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by Cheapshot (Post 273323)
Thanks for the faaasssstttt replys guy. I am going to meet up with the guy one night this week. Just wanted to make sure i was not paying to much for it.

There are certain things you wanna check out...but for the most part, they're pretty tough rifles.

If it has trouble ejecting spent shells, it means the Ejector Wire is probably in the wrong location...
that's usually why most folks sell theirs, they can't figure out why it's not cycling properly.

The other reason is folks never clean 'em...which leads to not cycling properly...until it's cleaned.

The cure for both problems is quite starts with a meticulous cleaning & light oiling
(one drop applied all over the action with your fingertip) and checking the location of the ejector wire
(about a 45-degree angle over the feed throat).

Most folks have hard trigger trouble, quite often it just needs cleaning...but also quite often, if they've been shooting Hyper-Velo ammo like Stingers thru it, that ammo chips the buffer and the plastic slivers fall down in the Trigger Guard...causing a hard trigger (like 12 pounds hard).

The cure for that is a new $4 buffer & no more Stingers/YellowJackets ;)

Cheapshot 04-22-2010 02:08 AM

Back again. I got the rifle from the guy tonight.Blue on it is in great shape wood is not real back, But for the most part it just needed a real cleaning up. So i took it apart to see how much dirt was in there. Now i have found there is some screws missing. First one is on the tigger guard it is gone. next one is inside the gun. This is a Male female type screw that holds the spring rail in the bottem of the gun. On the very back of it next to the white block in there. I will try to get some pic's of where it is so some one can help me find a replacement for it. the female side is still there but the make side of the screw is gone. and it was not in the stock i looked good to make sure. If there is a place where i can buy parts for it maybe i can tell them what i am looking for and maybe they will have some. Hard to tell you all what it is when i dont know what i am talking about.

Cheapshot 04-22-2010 02:16 AM

Ok in the manuel they call it a take down screw. it is on the very back of the trigger assembly if you have it laying in your lap looking at the bottem of the action.This screw is on the very far back of the gun it holds the trigger assembly in the frame.

canebrake 04-22-2010 02:42 AM

Check here:

Gun Parts M60

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