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johnbrowning 11-03-2012 06:32 AM

Umarex walther hk416 22
Need some assistance please. At 50 yards dead on open and red dot. At 100 yds couldn't hit 18x18 target. Was told it's probably my ammo which is CCI tactical 22. The man their explained I should use subsonic rounds and use a mil-dot scope instead of the aimpoint,sighted in zero at 50 yrds. Question is will subsonic function in an M4 22 and what are good 22s I've always used minimags and the Tact 22s, he said he uses 22 Wolf match subsonic

Isis0927 11-04-2012 12:11 AM

I have the Umarex HK MP5A, and it's pretty damn accurate. I've only used the iron sights, which aren't the best, but it's good. Also, I'd try the federal bulk "match/target" rounds. They're cheap and accurate as hell. Just practice, you should be able to hit that size target at 100 yards no problem.

dan01 11-04-2012 12:29 AM

I have the Umarex Walther Colt C 4 which is basically the same as the 416......I use Winchester 36 gr HP and Federal 40 gr round point bulk packs........I get 4 to 6 inch groups at 100 yards easily....I have a NcStar 3-9x42 Tactical with the P 4 sniper reticule.........I shoot a lot and have a good feel for my rifle and scope.......Sub sonic ammo sucks and often will not cycle many semi auto weapons.

johnbrowning 11-04-2012 04:00 AM

I shot over 400 rounds 1/4 of them at 50 the rest at 100. Talking about a waste of ammo and time, but just 22 and now I have to clean my Umarwal416. Last time I used gun scrub and finished with hoppes a patch and compressed air. 22. I should just throw it in the pool for a few days and add acid and chlorine Maybe the hot tub, get some swirling action. I love 22s they are so cheap and no recoil. Can't beat them

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