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ccd8541 06-06-2009 06:41 PM

Spike's Tactical .22 upper
Bit windy for shooting a .22 at 50yds today. Scope was already on so gave it a run with several brands of ammo.

Tgt @50 yds., 1.5" pasties. Groups improved towards the end(except the Remington), maybe I was getting used to the pounding recoil....
Two three shot groups at the bottom right were w/ the red dot at 25yds. The Winchester 333 will be the main ammunition I try and stock up on, best 'bang for the buck'. The Remington sucked. Probably ran about a 30% malfunction rate. Majority were failure to fire, the firing pin does not get a long bite into the rim and result in the failure to fire. None of the other brands seemed to have this problem.


ccd8541 06-06-2009 06:42 PM

Had one of these:

and a few of these:

I started out with the weapon fairly 'dry', per directions. Added a bit of oil after a few hundred rounds and the reliability improved.

In all I probably fired about 400rds, majority of it at 25yds and some at 50 and 100yds on steel. POI=POA at 50yds and looks about 8" low at 100yds, this is with the Win. 333.

Cleaned it up and will hit the range with it again tomorrow.

Spike's Tactical

ccd8541 06-06-2009 06:44 PM

Day two:

Left the red dot on the upper and shot some five shot groups at 50yds, benched, pack, no rear rest:

Top: CCI Green Tag, 1.35", .85"
Left: Wolf Target, 1.45", 1.55"
Right: Fiocchi sm340, 1.5", 1.0"
Left: Winchester. 333, 2.76", 1.5"
Right: Remington, 1.64", 3.5"

A person might get sub 1" consistently w/ some of the match ammo, if using a scope and a solid bench/prone position.

I did a five shot string from; offhand(green), kneeling(yellow) and prone. CCI Green Tag @ 50yds:

Spent several hundred rounds off the timer working on first shot and tgt transition speed:

The Remington bulk ammo is nothing but a pain in the ass, multiple failures(fire, chamber, extract) about 100rds fired. The Winchester had one failure(stovepipe) out of about 100rds fired. The other ammunition was failure free, about 50rds of match ammo.

Minionsram 06-06-2009 07:12 PM

Impressive..... I am talking of the 1911 you have in holster in last pic of course.:D

How much does one of the conversion units cost for that AR platform? and how many mags does it come with?

ccd8541 06-06-2009 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by Minionsram (Post 113974)
Impressive..... I am talking of the 1911 you have in holster in last pic of course.:D

How much does one of the conversion units cost for that AR platform? and how many mags does it come with?

The 1911 is a Springfield frame w/ an Advantage Arms .22 slide.

I payed just under $600.00 w/ three mags and shipping. I ordered it through a friend, I'm not sure on retail pricing/options/mags etc.

ccd8541 07-17-2009 04:24 PM

*this was as of June 17th, posted elsewhere but forgot to put it here*

So, after a little over 4,500rds....about 30% was fired from a benched position and the rest was shot on drills for speed/multiple tgts/improvised positions etc. Shot steel and paper at ranges of 3yds to 200m. Tried it w/ our red dot, .22 scope and 1-4x. I will keep the red dot mounted.

CCI Blazer(750+rds fired) gets the nod as the pick for accuracy/reliability/cost
Aguila Intereceptor(750+) was the most reliable but gives up some accuracy and is about twice the cost of the Blazer.
Aguila Match(1000+) might edge the Blazer in absolute accuracy, is about as reliable, little less energy/velocity and costs a few $$ more.
CCI Mini Mag(200)- eh, did not impress
CCI Green Tag(100)- I forget, I think the Wolf was better
Remington Gold bullets(550+)- suck
Remington Lightning(500+) -accuracy sucks, ok reliability
Fiocchi sm340(20+)- suck
Winchester '333'(600+) good reliability/accuracy/price but the Blazer is better
Wolf(100+)- accurate but weak, same price range as the Aguila Int.
Federal(misc. bulk in ammo can)(200+rds)

Started out with some reliability problems(feeding, extraction and ignition) and found some information suggesting that reducing the recoil spring was a possible answer, trimmed some coils, decreased the length from about 8.75" to 7.25", and it seemed to help but not cure the problem. When I ordered the Aguila Int ammunition I also bought another recoil spring figuring that it would probably need to be longer due to the extra energy. They are around 11" and I trimmed it to 9.75" for a starting point. It has run great at that length for the majority of the ammunition....I think it is a little heavy for Wolf and the lower velocity stuff but runs great w/ stuff around 1100fps or faster.

Lubrication, hardly any. Two small dabs of grease on wear points for the rails is all that I have used and seems to work fine. Typically clean it *cough* about every 500rds....yes, I do.

ccd8541 07-17-2009 04:26 PM

Most was from the ST22 w/ 16" barrel. 10/22 has an 18" barrel. Chrono is at 5ft.
10/22 used in the first four and ST22 in the last two
(distance for chrono is 10ft for the last two results vs 5ft for all the other shots)

Most were 10 shot strings; one of the last strings of Aguila Int was five shots and the sm340 w/ 10/22 was only five(I have done this ammo in the past and it is consistent)

ccd8541 07-17-2009 04:28 PM
Blazer fired off a double, that is the high flyer way out of the group, did not count it.

Shot the sm340 as a 'baseline' and to see that the chrono was ok.
Yellow Jacket has a 33gr HP, two Aguilla loads have a 30gr bullets, Win 40gr solid, sm340 40gr solid.

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